Fall fashion pulses back to life at the Valley

Trisha O’Connell
Staff Writer

untitled-10Photo by Dylan Haugen | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Fall is here at last! Say hello to the nose biting mornings and the cool sunny days. The assortment of pumpkin-flavored everything returns better than ever, but in order to rightfully curl up with a classic PSL, one must have the classic fall fashion statements to accompany it.

The basics and essentials of fall fashion are warm colors and pops of pattern, such as flannels and stripes.

If you’re not one for keeping up with the yearly fashion trends, try not to be overwhelmed; you’re not alone! Sticking to the basics is simple enough for everyone. Walking around campus, anyone can see the wide range of fashion choices being made by students and faculty.

As the transition to fall continues, there is a plethora of bulky sweaters and hats of all varieties being worn. It seems as if there are basic pieces that people are putting a small personal twist on to make it a little more unique.

Liberal arts student Aisha Davis said simply that hoodies were her staple piece, and I’m sure most would agree with her. Liberal arts student Cora Phillips agreed. “Hoodies just say fall,” she said.

Exercise science student Collin Biddings had a little more to say on the topic. “I don’t really have a piece of clothing,” he said, “but I think as a whole, outfits like some jeans, a nice pair of shoes and a crew or like shawl sweater.”

At Hudson Valley, students have a different outlook on just about everything, and fashion is no exception. If you’re on a tight budget, try taking a stroll around a thrift store.

Thrift stores often get a bad rap. Most think that they are only one step up from the dump, full of out of date t-shirts and mom jeans. While the mom jeans part isn’t a lie, there is so much more to be found. If you’re willing to take the time to really search, you can find some real steals without breaking the bank.

If the thrift store isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of stores you can peruse while still sticking to a budget. Stores like Marshall’s or TJ-Maxx are perfect places to go for discounted clothing that’s still new and in style.

These stores also tend to be a lot more organized than thrift stores. This creates a shorter shopping trip and far less stress.

If your brain is fashion-impaired, try taking a look around campus to get some inspiration from other students.

Clothing is an easy way to express yourself without having to put in too much effort. Whether it is a knit sweater, a statement beanie or a simple shoe, your choice of clothing showcases your personality and individuality.

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