Looking for a bite: Try Chipotle

Kimberly Easlick
Staff Writer

Chipotle recently released its own side of queso. Photo by Kimberly Easlick | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Chipotle recently released its own side of queso.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where can I get an amazing burrito that’s the size of a small child?” the answer to your prayers would be Chipotle.

I am a huge chipotle fanatic, and with the release of their new queso I knew a visit was in order. Usually when I go to Chipotle, my typical order consists of white rice, pinto beans, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream and cheese in a burrito bowl.

Today, however, I also ordered a side of Chipotle’s brand new queso. As usual, the food was full of great Mexican-inspired flavors like chipotle chilis, lime, jalapeño and peppers.

My order was fantastic as always, but I was particularly pleased with how sensational the queso was.

The queso was a bit thicker than most versions I’ve tried, but nonetheless still delicious. The new recipe contains more natural ingredients, like cheddar cheese, milk, yellow onion, tomato paste, lemon and lime juice, garlic and many more ingredients.

The queso comes in a few options. A small side and large side are both available, with the large as a great option for sharing. You can also add some to your burrito or burrito bowl.

In addition to the burrito and burrito bowl, chipotle offers many other meal options.

All meals are very customizable. Chipotle offers salad bowls paired with their delightful vinaigrette dressing, tacos (as an adult or children’s meal) and quesadillas, which you can get filled with meat or just cheese.

There are endless variations of all offered selections. Plus, in order to cater to all customers, Chipotle even offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly choices.

The chain offers sofritas, a shredded tofu dish seasoned with ingredients like cumin, poblano peppers and oregano. Although they contain no meat, the taste is mimicked perfectly. I would highly recommend this meal to all non-meat eaters.

Along with all of the Mexican-inspired cuisine, the restaurant is probably most known for their guacamole. The guac at Chipotle is the perfect pair with the chips they offer or as a topping to complement any order.

The guacamole uses excellent, fresh ingredients such as cilantro, jalapeño, red onions and Hass avocados. The guacamole is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Overall, I would recommend Chipotle to almost anyone. There is a wide array of choices they offer for anyone to enjoy a great meal.

There are several Chipotle locations all across NY, and the closest one to campus is just a short drive away. Not only is the food well-seasoned, filling and customizable, but it is also relatively affordable for the average college student looking for a quick bite.

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