Reduced movie tickets up for grabs at Hudson Valley

Nick Fisk
Staff Writer

Digital media student, Andy Capture, is satisfied with the discounted tickets. Photo by Dylan Haugen | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Digital media student, Andy Capture, is satisfied with the discounted tickets.

Watching a movie is a common hobby among Hudson Valley students, but most are unaware that discounted tickets are available every Tuesday through the Student Activities office.

Students need not look any further than the Siek Campus Center for Regal Cinemas movie tickets at a fraction of their usual cost.

The tickets typically go for $12 at the theater, but are sold for $5 a piece at the ticket sales counter. The price is perfect for any movie-going student on a budget.

Student Activities says that the amount of tickets they sell usually varies each week.
“It’s sometimes lower and sometimes higher, but we usually get around 400 tickets sold,” said one staff member.

They also said that students normally find out about the sales through their College Forum classes, but can also find out during orientation, via the student activities fliers or from the college website event section, where many more opportunities and events can be found.

The program has been running for several years now, yet many freshmen are unaware of it.
Criminal justice student Jordan Shannon said he had a “general clue” as to the sale, but didn’t know much about it otherwise, adding that he would likely grab some tickets in the future now that he was aware of the sale.

Many second-year students don’t even know about the sale, like computer and information science student Austin Decapita.

Decapita said that while he’d heard of the sale he hadn’t participated in it yet, but expressed interest in getting some in the future. Decapita also shared that he found out about the sale from a professor during his first year at HVCC.

Many students end up learning about the sales from either professors or friends. Jordan Steele, a fine arts major, said that she learned about the sale from a friend last year.

All students interviewed said that the price was a great deal. “I mean, it’s $12 for a single ticket at the theater,” said Decapita. The Student Senate has considered increasing the price over the last few years, but it currently remains at $5.

Other event tickets are also sold at this counter, like those for the New York City day-trip taking place at the end of September.

Any interested student can visit the Student Activities Center in room 210 of the campus center on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and can purchase up to 2 tickets per week.

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