Viking’s soccer win against Ulster and Holyoke

Skylar Blankenship
Sports Editor

Women’s soccer triumphs against SUNY Adirondack.

The Vikings soccer teams each brought home a victory, with the women’s team facing the Holyoke Community College Cougars and the men facing the Ulster Community College Senators on Sept. 7th.

The men’s team, lead by head coach Travis Cooke and assistant coach Giacomo Giglio, won 1-0 against the previously undefeated Ulster Community College, with the only score occurring in the second half of the home game.

Sophomore midfielder Ryan Euell, a liberal arts major, scored the only goal of the game using a corner kick made by midfielder Ethan Thomas, a sophomore criminal justice major.
Freshman goalie Benjamin Peay, an engineering major, saved all seven attempts to score by the Senators.

At the end of the one hour, 45 minute-long game, only one yellowcard had been given to Viking freshman architecture technology major Carl Kernochan, a midfielder.

Later, the women’s soccer team, lead by head coach Jay Pokines and assistant coach Laurel Kurashige, had their first win of the season against the Cougars 3-2 at home. Both teams scored two goals in the first half, but in the second half the Vikings broke the tie.

Hudson Valley made a total of eight attempts to score against Holyoke.

Sophomore Susannah Frisch, an individual studies major, scored after receiving a pass from Sydney Buhrke, a fellow sophomore individual studies major.

Midfielder Anna Colarusso, a sophomore individual studies major, scored the Viking’s second goal in the first half of the game.

The winning goal was made during the last four minutes of the game by freshman midfielder Sydnee Metzold, an individual studies major.

Freshman individual studies major Katlin Nadeau, goalie and sometimes midfielder, saved eight out of the 10 attempts to score made by Holyoke’s offense.

At the end of the two hour, 30 minute-long game neither team had any fouls or penalties against them.

The game had a 30 minute delay due to the weather. Both teams played on Wednesday afternoon against SUNY Adirondack.

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