New driving policy requires students’ signatures

Hunter Wallace
News Editor

Students being dropped off by parents will be exempt from signing the Vehicle Use Agreement. Photo by Vinny Croce | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Students being dropped off by parents will be exempt from signing the Vehicle Use Agreement.

A new driver policy was passed by the Faculty Student Association this summer requiring that students who drive to school events must complete a Vehicle Use Agreement.

The policy, which builds upon an existing rule, was implemented because of a recommendation from the college’s insurance company, Marshall & Sterling Upstate, Inc.

“The FSA had leased vehicles in the past for which the policy was created, but only club advisors and athletic coaches were allowed to drive the vans, and the policy primarily was created for them,” said FSA Executive Director Alycia Courter.

“With the increase in students driving personal vehicles to events, we recently decided, on the recommendation of our insurance company, to amend the policy to cover all drivers and personal vehicles.”

Courter explained that any student wishing to travel in their own personal vehicle to an FSA-sponsored event, both Student Activities and Athletics, must complete a Motor Vehicle Report request and sign the driver policy, which indicates they have read and will obey its requirements.

Forms must be completed once every semester.

“Students will not be required to complete the forms for each event, Courter said. “Unless there has been a change in driving record, we will only need one form on file for each semester, and it is up to the student to notify the appropriate department if there has been a change in their driving record.”

The new form also includes a Driver Acceptability Matrix, which determines whether students are deemed “acceptable” or “not acceptable” by the insurance company, and ultimately decides if they can drive to FSA-sponsored events. The criteria for this system takes into account a student’s history of moving violations, accidents and DUI or DWIs within the past five years.

“If the student is aware that there are points on their license and fall in a borderline or prohibited category, they will know up front [that] they will not be [deemed] an acceptable driver,” Courter said. “The only way to remove the ‘not acceptable’ status is to run another MVR and have it come back acceptable.”

Courter added that, at the recommendation of the insurance broker, students under the age of 18 may not drive a personal vehicle to an FSA-sponsored event off-campus, but may attend if they have other means of transportation. However, any event held on-campus does not require the form, and any driver that is not a Hudson Valley student may drive to any FSA-sponsored event, regardless of the passenger’s age.

Courter noted that this policy was updated to better serve the student body.

“The intention of this amended policy is not to hinder student participation in FSA-sponsored activities; the members that met to discuss the amended policy were adamant that we don’t discourage student participation in events. The college experience should be enjoyable for students and we amended the policy in a way that will best allow the student to have fun and be safe at the same time.”

For more information, visit the FSA website at or contact Student Activities by phone at (518) 629-7348, email at or in person at Siek Campus Center, Room 210.

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