Superfruit sticks true to their aesthetic with newest releases

Trisha O’Connell
Staff Writer

Superfruit released two new albums on Sept. 19 titled "Future Friends" and "Future Friends Pt. 2"  Graphic by Trisha O'Connell | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Superfruit released two new albums on Sept. 19 titled “Future Friends” and “Future Friends Pt. 2”

The pop band Superfruit released their happy-go-lucky albums, titled “Future Friends” and “Future Friends, Pt. 2”, on Sept. 15.

Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi are the masterminds behind the feel-good pop album, which contains a combined 14 songs.

If the name Superfruit doesn’t ring a bell, you may recognize the two lead singers from the grammy award-winning group Pentatonix. The two are in no way newcomers to the music world, as they have been producing with Pentatonix and releasing their own covers for over 6 years now.
They have also gained quite an impressive following on their YouTube channel, racking up over 2.4 million subscribers.

Posts on their channel often poke fun at hilarious YouTube trends and typically showcase Scott and Mitch goofing around. The channel is also home to their music videos.

The album aesthetic is in tune with a sort of “happy-go-lucky” sound. However, some songs are a little deeper than the cheery tune might initially seem.

One song titled “Heartthrob” has a very ‘90s feel to it. The upbeat tempo and lyrics take the listener back to an era of Smacker’s lipstick and hamburger phones.

Another song titled “How You Feeling?” has a very upbeat tempo, but the lyrics are much more serious than they first sound. Some interpret this song and it’s lyrics as a depiction of how depression feels for someone in the limelight.

The album is accompanied by 10 music videos, but there are more to come. The videos are all well put together and the cinematography makes them all the more intriguing and eye catching. Overall, they are binge-worthy entertainment.

To add to the feel-good factor, the physical copy of the CD is scratch and sniff! I personally took myself to Barnes and Nobles to get a whiff of the obscure album idea firsthand. The album smells like pineapples, which I found oddly endearing.

Many artists or groups have a specific sound that they follow throughout their album; some even follow the same sound throughout their entire career. Since this is Superfruit’s first album, it is hard to say if they will keep up with the happy-go-lucky brand their entire careers.

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