Local award-winning restaurant offers authentic Thai food

Emmy Farstad
Copy Editor

Students seeking an authentic dining experience that caters both to dietary restrictions and a tight budget need not look any further than Sri Siam.

Sri Siam is an award-winning Thai restaurant that offers a multitude of ethnic dishes ranging from mild-mannered to blow-your-socks-off spicy. The restaurant’s main location is less than six miles from Hudson Valley and is more than worth going a little out of your way.

One of the most popular menu items is their selection of curry dishes. Offering eight different curry variations, each with a different level of spice, this choice is packed full of fresh ingredients that taste so authentic, you might forget you’re in the Capital Region.

A personal favorite is the pineapple curry with chicken. This is a red curry-style dish made with coconut milk, fresh vegetables and served with a side of white rice. The real kicker, though, is the addition of juicy pineapple chunks, which adds a sweetness that is unexpected but mouth-watering.

One major draw to the restaurant is that they offer selections suitable for those with dietary restrictions, such as students who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten and/or dairy-free.

Meals are made with non-dairy coconut milk to appease patrons who are lactose-intolerant. Additionally, most pasta-based dishes are made with gluten-free rice noodles.

Each dish comes with the choice of chicken, beef, pork and seafood for meat-eaters, but also mixed vegetables or tofu for the herbivores among us.

With the campus surrounded by fast food joints, Sri Siam is a great alternative for those with strict diet requirements. Plus, upon request, the chefs are happy to make any alterations to your meal, even letting you specify what level of spice you would like your dish to have.

Other beloved dishes from the eatery include a variety of fried rices, spicy drunken noodles and, of course, pad thai, a staple of all Thai restaurants. Sri Siam also boasts an impressive menu of speciality fish and duck dishes.

The appetizers and desserts are equally delicious. The thai curry puffs are absolutely addictive, and if you leave without having mango sticky rice for dessert, you are really missing out!

As if the mouth-watering ingredients and wide menu selection wasn’t enough of a draw, Sri Siam is also budget-conscious. Lunch prices are typically around $9-$12 dollars for a considerable serving.

Dinner prices can cost a little more, especially when it comes to some of the speciality duck and fish dishes, but the average meal is around $13-$16 and will leave you with enough food for two days of leftovers! The dinner portion sizes are out of this world, and if you take into account how health-conscious some of the dishes are, it’s a win-win.

Sri Siam also frequently has coupons and discounts to make your wallet as happy as your stomach.
The restaurant has been open since January 2012, with an additional location being opened in Latham this past year. From the outside, it may look unassuming, but as soon as you take your first bite you will have no doubt that Sri Siam is as good as it gets.

Sri Siam is located on Sherwood Ave. in Rensselaer, and is open for lunch from 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., and dinner 4-9 p.m. For more information, call 518-915-1655 or visit www.srisiamthaifood.com.

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