Vikings relish wins and suffer loses as season continues

Brian Dengler
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Women's volleyball had an unfortunate loss this past week against Herkimer College. ATHLETICS.HVCC.EDU

Women’s volleyball had an unfortunate loss this past week against Herkimer College.

The women’s tennis team claimed their second consecutive win this season against Herkimer College. The men’s and women’s soccer teams, along with the women’s volleyball team, were unable to snag a win this week.

Women’s Tennis

Number one-ranked tennis player Laura Ciotoli, a sophomore engineering science major, dominated her two matches that day, 6-2, 6-1. Sophomore business administration major Madeline Gibbons, who is ranked number two, won her matches also, in what was a much closer contest than Ciotoli’s. The final scores were 6-4, 6-2.

Number three-ranked Sarah Sampson, a freshman liberal arts major, destroyed her competition 6-1, 6-0. Number four-ranked Madison Bemis, a freshman biotechnology major, also seemed to be too much for her opponent, as she won 6-3, 6-2. Freshman environmental science major Saphire Ahlers, who is ranked fifth on her team, dominated her opponent that evening, 6-0, 6-1.

Ciotoli and Gibbons teamed up to take down Herkimer’s top doubles team, finalizing a great day for Hudson Valley, and taking home the win, 7-1.

Women’s Soccer

The women’s soccer team struggled against Herkimer on Wednesday, as they couldn’t lock down the win after an impressive game against number one-ranked Erie.

The first half was dominated by Herkimer, as they scored the first goal of the game right out of the gate. Freshman individual studies major Sydnee Metzold then tied the game about eight minutes later. Following up, Herkimer scored three straight goals to close out the first half, 4-1.
Sophomore individual studies major Susannah Frisch scored the following goal in the second half, trying to give the Vikings some life in what was starting to feel like a potential blow-out. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, as Herkimer scored yet again, making the score 5-2, and closing out the game.

Men’s Soccer

The men’s soccer team couldn’t fend off Herkimer’s offense early on, as well.

Seven minutes in, Herkimer scored the opening goal of the game, taking an early lead. While that was the lone score of the first half, the same couldn’t be said about the second half. Herkimer scored three straight goals to move the score up 4-0. With not much time left on the board, sophomore liberal arts major Ryan Euell scored the lone goal for Hudson Valley, finishing the game 4-1.

Women’s Volleyball

To finish off the evening, our women’s volleyball team faced Herkimer as well, and it was closer than the final score would make it seem.

In the first period, Herkimer out-scored Hudson Valley 25-11, putting Herkimer up 1-0 from the get-go. In the second period, Hudson Valley fought back, and it was extremely close with the final score being 25-23. Herkimer moved up to 2-0. The final match was nearly just as close, but it wasn’t enough, as the final score was 25-22 in favor of Herkimer. Herkimer ultimately stole the win, moving up to an unblemished 3-0 score.

Sophomore individual studies major Alayna Fredenburg led Hudson Valley that evening in kills, with a total of 12 on 29 attempts.

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