Kaitlin Nadeau named NJCAA Player of the Week

Julio Rodriguez

Nadeau was named National Player of the Week by the NJCAA for her outstanding performances on the field as goalie.

“There is something about soccer that made me love the sport. Soccer is the only thing I’ve ever known; I’ve never really tried anything else,” said freshman individual studies student Kaitlin Nadeau.

Nadeau was recently named a National Player of the Week by the NJCAA for her performance as goalie for the women’s soccer team. Nadeau has a combined 33 saves this season and she recently led the Vikings to their first 2-1 win over a top-ranked opponent.

Nadeau embraced this position, but was initially projected to be a striker on the team.
“Well, initially I didn’t think I was going to be in the goal. That was not my choice. It was a big surprise. Once I stepped in the goal, I tried my best to keep the balls away from our goal. I wanted to help my team the most that I could being in such an amateur position,” said Nadeau.

Despite uncertainty in the position, Nadeau took the initiative and continues to act as goalkeeper for the team. “I’m a striker. I score the goals. I’m top of our formations. I told my coach If anything were to happen to our old goalie, Maddie, I don’t want him throwing some random person in there, so I took the initiative,” said Nadeau.

Despite the switch up, the team is racking up wins, which Nadeau credits to the teams connectivity throughout the season.

“We’ve definitely come a long way since the beginning of the season. We play way more as a team, very connected. We’ve perfected our passing and the strategies of the game. We know what to do in the right moments,” said Nadeau.

Nadeau commends the team for their ability to adjust and perform on the field when under pressure to rethink formations. Nadeau said, “We’ve perfected our formations and we know how to adjust really well if we have to change [them].”

Nadeau initially feared a three-five-two formation, but she quickly warmed up to the idea when the season started.

“We run a three-five-two, so we have the three defenders in the back. At the beginning of the season, it seemed bizarre because I wanted as many back there as I could have. The way our coach has it set up, we have defensive halfback, so we really have five in the back most of the time, which is really helpful,” said Nadeau.

Overall, Nadeau believes the team’s success is a result of their collaborative efforts on the field. “Over the course of the season, we’ve become more of a family and we’ve connected on and off the field. I think that helps our performance and that’s good,” said Nadeau.

Before Hudson Valley, Nadeau played soccer, but her participation in the sport was cut short after a series of knee surgeries in high school.

“I’ve played soccer since I was about six years old,” said Nadeau. “Throughout high school, I couldn’t really play because I had four knee surgeries. Coming to Hudson Valley, it’s the first time I’ve played since 2012.”

After Hudson Valley, Nadeau would like to transfer to UAlbany, Siena College or Binghamton University. However, her attendance at her transfer school is not contingent on soccer.

Nadeau said, “They’re all Division I schools. If I had the opportunity to play at a Division I school, I would take it 100 percent, but I’m not going to make my final decision based on soccer.”

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