New chair of Building Technology uses love of learning to lead

Hunter Wallace
News Editor

Slingerland Kitterman, new chair of Building Systems Technology, will proudly oversee technology related degree and certificate programs. HVCC.EDU | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Slingerland Kitterman, new chair of Building Systems Technology, will proudly oversee technology related degree and certificate programs.

“Technology is constantly evolving and we have to keep growing and learning with it to remain relevant in today’s world,” said new chair of the Building Systems Technology Department Brittany Slingerland-Kitterman.

In her new position, Slingerland-Kitterman will oversee six degree and certificate programs, including Clean Energy Management, Electrical Construction and Maintenance, Heating/Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technical Services, Mechatronics, Overhead Electric Line Worker and Photovoltaic Installation.

Slingerland-Kitterman has a diverse educational background.

“I am a past graduate of [Hudson Valley’s] Electrical Construction and Maintenance Program,” Slingerland-Kitterman said. “After Hudson Valley, I then went on to SUNY Oswego to get my Bachelor in Technology Education. I received my Master in Education from Ball State University and I was recently accepted into the doctorate program at SUNY Albany for Educational Policy and Leadership.”

Slingerland-Kitterman believes that her previous experience helped her achieve this position.
“My past experiences here at Hudson Valley helped to shape my love of learning. I think it is very important to have a love of learning if you are going to work in the field of education,” she said.

Slingerland-Kitterman feels that this position is a result of her determination.
“I feel as though this is the culmination of a goal that was first established when I was a student here,” she said. “After I had graduated [from] Hudson Valley, I knew that I wanted to go into education so that I could help others find their passion in what they were learning. It is great to be able to get back to where it all started for me.”

Slingerland-Kitterman explained that her new role as department chairperson includes a variety of tasks, including reviewing and collecting teaching materials to fulfill the college’s objectives, employing available resources to maximize the fiscal efficiency of their curriculums, providing or obtaining necessary academic advisement for students in their curriculums and providing functions that are essential to the orderly operation of their curriculums.

As department chairperson, Slingerland-Kitterman will help to influence and foster students’ growth.

“[My position] ensures that students will receive an education that will help enable them to become successful and productive members of the workforce and community,” she said.
Slinger-Kitterman noted her desire to be back on campus.

“I am very excited to be back at Hudson Valley! Out of all the schools I’ve attended — [both] public and private — Hudson Valley was the best. The faculty [is] so involved and helpful,” she said.

Slingerland-Kitterman also commented on her willingness to help students find success in their futures.

“In these programs, you see students continually until they graduate,” she said. “It really increases the quality of their education when you take an interest and get involved with them.”

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