Alumnus turned entrepreneur produces TookTimeCo.

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Founded by alumnus Trey Turner, TookTimeCo. has successfully released their line of street wear clothing for purchase on their online store. COURTESY OF TOOKTIMECO.

Founded by alumnus Trey Terry, TookTimeCo. has successfully released their line of street wear clothing for purchase on their online store.

A prominent news anchor, a distinguished congressman and an NFL football player. The sky is the limit for HVCC alumni, and that is especially true for up-and-coming fashion designer Trey Terry.

A former business major, Terry is the founder of TookTimeCo., a fast-growing clothing brand in the Capital District that specializes in streetwear and high fashion.

TookTimeCo. was founded by Terry in November of 2016, and aims to provide consumers with the hippest styles and designs for both men and women that may one day reach trendsetter status.
Terry has been interested in fashion and design ever since elementary school, and last year his dreams came to fruition when he finally launched his own business.

As far as inspiration is concerned, Terry draws from different aspects of today’s culture.

“I am very influenced by the world of hip hop and [I] plan to make an impact on the industry very soon,” said Terry. “I pay attention to most of the hottest brands, but the ones that I take major note of are Bape, Supreme, Popular Demand and

Terry describes the brand in three words: “simple, stylish and metaphorical.” He also says he focuses on blending comfort with style.

TookTimeCo.’s online store currently showcases two main men’s collections, “Tokyo” and “New York.” The Tokyo collection is comprised mostly of black hoodies and tees embellished with shiny Japanese characters, which are available in red, orange and gold print.

The New York collection contains black and white tees that feature red, gold or black text. Men’s sizes range from S to 3XL, but vary from piece to piece.

Additionally, TookTimeCo. offers a line of women’s attire, consisting of glitter tees, crop tops and sweatshirts from the New York collection.

The brand’s website describes the crop tops as the season’s trendiest garment. “This top is tight-fitting but still incredibly comfortable.” It also claims the sweatshirts are “cozy, soft, smooth, stylish and perfect for cooler evenings.”
One of TookTime’s most well-loved items is a their graphic t-shirt featuring a kaleidoscopic elephant, which comes in eight different colors ranging from teal to cranberry.

The catalog description claims they are sweatshop-free, resistant to fading and shrinking in the washing machine and, most impressively, “[they are] the smoothest and softest t-shirt you’ll ever wear.”

Like most modern fashion companies and lifestyle brands, TookTimeCo. also uses social media sites to get the word out. Between its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, the brand boasts a thousands of followers. The sites often depict models strutting through Troy while clad in TookTime apparel.
Its website, powered by ecommerce software “Shopify”, also hosts weekly t-shirt giveaways which require only an email address to qualify.

Terry is excited about the future of TookTimeCo., as this year’s Fall and Winter collections will soon be available in local stores throughout the area.

The brand’s Instagram page offers a sneak peek of the upcoming Illuminati collection, with each item featuring the infamous Eye of Providence emblazoned on the right sleeve. Consisting of an eye atop a pyramid, the symbol was originally found in Freemason iconography, but has recently inspired many conspiracy theories, such as that of the Illuminati.

Even given the brand’s meteoric success, Terry is proud that the name itself signifies how all meaningful endeavors are a labor of love. “Greatness takes dedication and time. Our slogan states that you have already taken the time to become great. Ask any successful person today and they will tell you that they had to have patience and believe in themselves in order to reach greatness.”

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