Majid Jordan revitalize with ‘The Space Between’

Julio Rodriguez

 Majid Jordan's "The Space Between," is a culmination of musical expression and pop-R&B sounds. COURTESY OF MAJID JORDAN

Majid Jordan’s “The Space Between,” is a culmination of musical expression and pop-R&B sounds.

Are you looking for an album to accompany you on your smooth cruise? Majid Jordan’s latest release just might be the album for you.

The Canadian R&B duo released their album on Oct. 27 and it’s perfect for anyone looking for a set list full of pop-R&B goodness. Announced by the pair earlier this year, “The Space Between” is a follow up to their first, “Majid Jordan,” which was released on Feb. 5, 2016.

The album takes the listener on a musical journey, certainly influenced by the duo’s experience touring the world with their first album. Majid Al Maskati hoped to create an album that would provide listeners a soundtrack to accompany them anywhere.

Jordan Ullman incorporates sub-genres in his mixing to create a soundscape unlike anything else in the business. Jordan’s subtle, but profoundly skilled, use of synthesizer, piano and deep bass produce powerful sounds that are sure to immediately grab your attention.

Maskati’s vocal ability is on full display throughout the album. The timbre, quality and range of his voice only add to the sheer enjoyability of the duo’s work. Maskati’s beautiful and effortless ability to flow into the lows and conquer the highs make him a truly talented tenor.

His abilities are showcased on the album in more ways than one. His technical vocal skill alone is incredible, but it also impressively captures and depicts its own emotional persona.

The album’s overall structure and well-engineered sound far outshines the duo’s previous work. “Majid Jordan” relied on slower tempos and didn’t feel unique enough to set them apart from the rest of the R&B world. This album, however, is a culmination of artistic expression through the use of drum beats, synth sounds and smooth vocals.

“The Space Between” showcases a diverse and unique mix of both grooves and slow rocks. “Not Ashamed” and “Asleep,” while slow, help keep a balance between the more laid-back and seductive nightlife tracks, like “Body Talk”.

Interestingly enough, the artists purposefully made every track non-explicit to ensure the album was able to reach as many listeners as possible.

The duo is signed to OVO Sound, a Toronto-based Canadian record label founded by hip-hop artist Drake. The label has eight acts signed – Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Majid Jordan, OB O’Brien, Roy Woods, dvsn, Plaza and Baka Not Nice.

Ahead of the full release, the duo dropped the single “Body Talk.” Before that, they released “My Imagination” with dvsn, and “Phases” and “One I Want” with PARTYNEXTDOOR. The tracks are some of my favorites on the album because of their invigorating and up-to-the-minute sound.

Finding an album that can be listened to from beginning to end is quite a feat these days. “The Space Between” is just the album for that kind of relentless listening.

The duo frequently collaborates with other artists of the genre. In 2013, Majid Jordan co-produced Drake’s well-received track “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” The song went on to become Drake’s most successful single, charting in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
For years, the duo lived in the shadows of Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR and other big name R&B artists.
Their latest release just might be enough to finally give them their own spotlight.

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