Men’s soccer close the season with 9-8

Brian Dengler
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Men's soccer won against SUNY Jefferson on Sunday, Oct. 22 with an overall score of 9-1.COURTESY OF ATHLETICS.HVCC.EDU

Men’s soccer won against SUNY Jefferson on Sunday, Oct. 22 with an overall score of 9-1.

Men’s soccer had their last two matchups of the season against Jefferson Community College and Finger Lakes Community College in the Sun-Regionals last week.

In their first game they took on Jefferson Community College, along with the women’s team.
In the first seven minutes, Hudson Valley was the first to find the goal, as sophomore liberal arts major Ryan Euell shot the ball into the net and gave his team the early lead, 1-0.

About 10 minutes later, Euell scored a second time, increasing their lead to 2-0.

To move the Vikings lead even further, sophomore engineering major Thilo Bell scored, sending the score up, 3-0.

With four minutes left in the first half, Jefferson finally managed to sneak in a goal, taking the score to 3-1.

And just like that, Hudson Valley threw another point on the board. Nearly two minutes after Jefferson scored, sophomore criminal justice major Ethan Thomas put another ball into the net for the Vikings, making the score 4-1 as they entered the second half.

To kick off the second half, sophomore engineering major Asan Anarkulov scored for Hudson Valley, hiking up their lead to 5-1.

About five minutes after Anarkulov’s goal, freshman exercise science major Colton Yetto notched a goal of his own for Hudson Valley, kicking up the score to 6-1. It became clear that the Vikings were far from done scoring.

Anarkulov followed up his teammates goal with another goal of his own, sending up Hudson Valley’s lead to 7-1.

Yetto scored yet another goal for his team and for himself, making the Vikings lead 8-1.

At this point, it’s silly to even think that Jefferson can come back from this, let alone score again.
Just when the crowd thought the game was over, they were forced to think again! Freshman computer science major Cetin Karaca bumped up Hudson Valley’s lead to an insurmountable 9-1 with a goal of his own. With that, the Vikings closed out the game with a massive and impressive win.

Hudson Valley’s final game of the season came against Finger Lakes Community College in the Sub-Regionals,where the Vikings couldn’t seem to put together a game like the one before, ending their season.

To kick off the game, Finger Lakes scored only one minute, 53 seconds into the contest, giving them the early lead, 1-0.

Five minutes later, Finger Lakes scored again, moving up their lead on the board, 2-0.
Less than two minutes after that score, Finger Lakes scored again, sending up their lead 3-0.

Nearly 25 minutes after that goal, with less than a minute to go in the first half, Finger Lakes scored yet again, making their lead 4-0 and sending both teams into halftime.

Nearly 22 minutes into the second half, Hudson Valley was finally able throw a score up on the board, ending Finger Lakes’ scoring streak, 4-1.

However, that wasn’t enough to bring down Finger Lakes, as they scored one more time with only three minutes to go, ending the game with a final score of 5-1.

Hudson Valley’s men’s soccer snagged a winning record this season by going 9-8. They went 5-1 in their conference.

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