Men’s and women’s basketball kick off the season

Brian Dengler
Staff Writer

Men's basketball won against SUNY Cayuga by three points this past Saturday. COURTESY OF ATHLETICS.HVCC.EDU

Men’s basketball won against SUNY Cayuga by three points this past Saturday.

Women’s Basketball
The women’s team kicked off their season last Saturday against Cayuga Community College in an away game that was a tightly-defensive, contentious face-off.

By the end of the first quarter, Cayuga had an 18-14 lead.

The tides changed in the second quarter, as Hudson Valley outscored Cayuga 16-14.
Despite scoring more points in the second quarter, Hudson Valley was still down 32-30 as they entered the second half.

In the third quarter, Hudson Valley outscored their entire point total from the first half, scoring an impressive 34 points. Cayuga also scored a respectable 19 points.

The final quarter brought down the house. With the outcome of the game hanging in the balance, both sides took to the court, knowing it would be a shootout. When the dust settled, Hudson Valley emerged victorious, despite being outscored by Cayuga, 31-24.

The final score was 88-82, an admirable win for Hudson Valley.

Freshman individual studies major Hannah Kreiger led the night in scoring, contributing 30 points to Hudson Valley’s output.

Men’s Basketball

Men’s basketball also faced off against Cayuga Community College last Saturday.

Despite having a fairly-impressive offensive output that night, Hudson Valley was unable to overcome the onslaught of scoring served up by Cayuga.

The first quarter went fairly well for Hudson Valley, scoring a total of 34 points to Cayuga’s 31.

The second half, on the other hand, quickly went downhill for the Vikings.

Despite scoring a solid 44 points, Cayuga quite literally stepped up their game. They scored a total of 57 points, toppling the Vikings and ultimately walking away with the W, 88-78.
Sophomore forensic science major Mitchell Dame led the Vikings in scoring that night, with a total of 17 points.

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