Newspaper theft on campus

The Hudsonian
Editorial Board

The Hudsonian feels it is necessary to make the community aware of an instance of newspaper theft that occurred here on our campus.

On Nov. 16 at approximately 6:00 p.m., a student was seen on camera removing our newspapers from stands located in the campus center and placing them into his backpack.

Until now, we believed ourselves to be immune from such censorship by members of the community in the form of newspaper theft.

Newspaper theft is not only a problem, but a crime — a crime that negatively affects the mission of numerous student news publications across the nation.

Publishing a student newspaper is an expensive endeavor. Week-to-week our printing expenses are funded through the student Records and Activities fee. So, the perpetrator stole from The Hudsonian as well as the student body who, in a way, pay a subscription fee to read the newspaper each week.

All too often, newspapers are subject to instances similar to our predicament. The intent was to prevent the dissemination of campus news, information and opinion. The newspaper plans to pursue reparations for the theft.

We hope to continue to receive the same support and appreciation expressed by members of the community for years to come.

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