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William Reed
Guest Contributor

PHOTO BY JULIO RODRIGUEZ | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

Writing specialist Jim LaBate assists a student with a paper in the Writing and Research Center.

Hudson Valley’s Writing and Research Center serves as a valuable tool for students by providing tips and resources for those looking to improve their writing skills.

The purpose of the Writing and Research Center, located on the top floor of the Marvin Library, is “primarily to help students with any writing task that they have,” said Jim LaBate, a full-time writing specialist. Staff will help students with assignments in any subject area.

The center claims they function to ensure that students’ writing is coherent. Staff helps with proper citation of sources, and they are dedicated to doing anything possible to help students succeed.

“All students have this service available to them on a walk-in basis,” said Anne LaBelle, a coordinator of reference services at the center.

The center offers help in several areas of the writing process. The faculty gives feedback, encourages revision and helps make students aware of the resources available to them for independent use.

The Writing and Research Center staff consists of Jim LaBate and Carol Hammond, both full-time professional tutors, as well as some part-time instructors and student peer tutors.

“Helping students better their writing skills can be enjoyable and satisfying, as students who take advantage of this service are generally receptive and appreciative,” said Jeshua Galusha, a student peer tutor at the center, who wishes more students were aware of this service.

Students interested in becoming peer tutors must first pass English Composition I and receive a recommendation from their professors. Then, they receive training.

“The center is currently looking for more peer tutors, who receive an hourly payment of $9.70,” LaBate said.

Students around campus who have previously visited the Writing and Research Center reported a positive, worthwhile experience. One was impressed that the center helps with any writing assignment in any course. Another student claimed the center’s knowledge in writing is “boundless.”

Despite widespread praise for the Writing and Research Center, most students interviewed said they have never been there.

The Writing and Research Center has been available to Hudson Valley students since 1980. Originally two separate centers on different floors of the library, faculty members later decided to merge into one center on the top floor to make students’ library experiences more efficient.

Today, students can find step-by-step writing assistance, and tutors specialized in both writing and research are available to help students.

For more information on the Writing and Research Center, call (518) 629-7230 or visit the top floor of the Marvin Library.

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