Chicken Joe’s is a flock above the rest

Julio Rodriguez

PHOTO BY JULIO RODRIGUEZ | The Hudsonian Student Newspaper

The Dane wrap comes with chicken, melted mozzerella, bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch.

Healthy, delicious and cost-effective chicken is only a three-minute drive from campus.

Chicken Joe’s Troy location at 506 Campbell Ave. offers an assortment of delicious and affordable chicken cuisine while also keeping their recipes of the highest quality.

The local restaurant chain’s goal is to provide their customers with an experience in which food can be fun. The restaurant and its staff always aim to cultivate an energetic and genuine atmosphere.

The restaurant’s award-winning wings come in both boneless and bone-in options. The small boneless costs $6.99 and the large is priced at $12.49. The bone-in option comes in six ($5.99), 10 ($9.99), 20 ($18.99) and 40 ($38.99) -piece installments.

The wings come in honey BBQ, BBQ, sweet & sour, mild, korean BBQ, Joe’s Special and sweet ranch for the medium options.

The mild wing options are spicy BBQ, hot honey, hot, super hot and ‘DBC’.
The Dane wrap, pictured above, is a chicken lover’s dream. It comes with chicken, melted mozzarella, bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch.

The melted mozzarella, bacon and ranch work together to make the wrap a truly delicious experience. It is certain to remain in your mind for days.

The Dane, as well as all other signature wraps and subs, are priced at $7.99.

Another staple of the restaurant are their hand-cut nugget specials. All specials include a sweet tea, water or a 12-ounce can of soda. The Baby Special is ¼ pound of chicken nuggets, french fries and one sauce, priced at $6.49. The High School Special is ½ pound of chicken nuggets, french fries and two sauces, priced at $7.99.

The next two specials are on the heftier side. The Bad Boy special is ¾ chicken nuggets, fries and three sauces, priced at $10.49. The Godfather special is one pound of chicken nuggets, fries and three sauces, priced at $13.49.

If you’re just looking for a quick and filling option at the restaurant, you should consider the Grab Bag.

The Grab Bag comes packed with three nuggets, three corn fritters, three potato cones, two mozzarella sticks and two mac-and-cheese bites. The bag is fairly priced at $7.99.

There is also all-day breakfast available. All breakfast sandwiches are served with double egg. The Bec, The Night Owl, The Hangover, St. Rose and Swag are the all-day breakfast sandwiches. They all come with egg, but each one has its own distinct and appealing qualities.
All five sandwiches are priced at $3.99.

The fried chicken combos come in two ($5.99), three ($6.99), four ($8.49), eight ($15.99) and 12 ($23.99) pieces. Each combo comes with slaw and one additional side. The eight piece comes with an additional side and the 12-piece comes with an additional two sides.

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