STREAK CONCLUDES | After a six-game win streak, the Vikings fell to North Country

Hunter McIntyre
Staff Writer

The men’s basketball team broke their six game win streak after a loss against North Country this past Saturday.

Hudson Valley fell to the North Country Saints after a close score of 89-84. North County’s Damon Hunter scored a game high of 36 points, including five 3s and 11 connected free throws. Shamar Logins also scored 18 points for North County.

The Vikings trailed behind for most of the game. However, it didn’t stop the team from playing with passion and aggression. The Vikings played a very solid game all around, but played especially well in the paint and around the glass.

Hudson Valley didn’t shy away from taking big shots in the second half.

The Vikings cut into the Saints’ lead during the later part of the first half, trailing only 40-35. In the waning moments of the first half, the crowd started to chime in. Due to disagreements with the refs and the overall aggressiveness of the game.

Viewers could be heard yelling, “Give him A Tech” and “Take control of the game, ref” after a disagreement involving two players. The women’s team’s were also yelling and clapping for their respective teams.

Hudson Valley answered back in the second half, taking the lead for a short while but inevitably falling to the excellent offense and shooting of North Country.

The Vikings attempted a comeback. Sophomore guard Dave Reo (North Greenbush/Catholic Central) headed the efforts with a couple highlight reel plays, including a particularly impressive euro step layup to take the lead in the second half.

Reo finished with 22 points. Reo was the highest scoring player for Hudson Valley. Sophomore forward Raheem Duncan(Queens/Green Tech) came in second with 15.

Sophomore center Mitchell Dame (Niskayuna/Niskayuna) had a couple of excellent clutch rebounds and freshman guard Brandan Degrasse(Bronx/E.A. Reynolds) also had double digit points with 11 and 10 respectively.

The game was well-played. This Wednesday, the Vikings will face-up against Columbia-Greene at home.

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