The unstoppable Isaiah Moak | Viking’s football player signs with Rhode Island University

Joseph Lyle
Staff Writer

Football is more than just a game for business administration major Isaiah Moak.

The 19 year old has been playing since the age of six. Moak has devoted much of his life to the sport and plans to continue his devotion for as long as he can, with his eyes set on playing in the NFL.

Moak has also played many other sports including wrestling, baseball and basketball. He’s a graduate of Averill Park, and he started his football career at the division three school, Alfred University. Moak wanted to attend a division one school and decided his only chance was to attend a community college and earn a scholarship.

This master plan of his worked. Just recently, Moak signed an intent to play for Rhode Island University, a division one school, having earned the opportunity this past year.

Moak plays for Hudson Valley as a linebacker and is number 45 on the field. Moak tied for the ranking of 18th in the country for total tackles having 98. 52 of which were solo tackles. He also ranked 13th in the country for tackles for less with 17. Moak finished the season with six sacks and two forced fumbles.

Moak said that he arrived at his decision to attend Rhode Island University because he fell in love with the school. He is changing his major to business management. Moak hopes to manage his own team if his dreams for the NFL don’t pan out.

“I just love sports too much to not have anything to do with them.” Moak said that if he’s unable to play football, he would still like to be involved in athletics.

Moak feels he’s able to express himself on the field and release any anger he has pent-up. “I just enjoy everything about the sport,” Moak said.
When Moak isn’t studying or at practice, he works out at least two hours a day and spends a lot of time with friends and family. Moak is very family oriented and loves to spend time with his younger brother and sister.

As much as Moak loves football, he understands that his academics come first. “I’ve always put school first and then fun second,” said Moak. “You can’t go anywhere unless you have the grades.” Moak understood that playing division one required both skills on the field and good grades.
Moak also shared some advice for any new Vikings wanting to do sports and study. “Just work hard,” Moak said. He also stressed healthy eating and remaining on top of school work.

Moak’s football career hasn’t been free of roadblocks. Moak broke his hand in week four of the season and continued to play.
Moak was hit by an opponent player and braced his fall with his hand which caused it to break. He was informed that he was still able to play and just had to protect it. Moak did this by padding his hand with a lot of bandages. Moak finished the season this way, looking at his injury as a challenge to overcome.

In regards to possible injuries, Moak said his mother is frequently worried about him. Moak said, “I’m willing to take the risks in order to get to where I want [to be]. I have a goal. I have a dream, and I want to accomplish that dream.”

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