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Jose Reyes had a game high 20 points, he knocked down two of his 20 at the line in the 2nd half.

Dominating the Rivalry

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The Vikings defeated Columbia-Greene last Thursday 71-47, making it the second time in the last two weeks that Hudson Valley beat the Twins. “I’m from Catskill so Columbia-Greene is right across the river and I was going to go there, but I decided to go to Hudson Valley and itRead More

Jill Shartrand, Senior, Criminal Justice, assists Aaron Nooney as a Peer Mentor in the Center for Academic Engagement

Engage-N-Go: Sessions for Student Retention

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The Center for Academic Engagement (CAE) offers short sessions called “Engage-N-Go” to help students with retention issues. The Engage-N-Go sessions are meant to cater to small groups and last for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. These sessions are offered Monday through Friday, twice a day. The different sessionsRead More

Tom Deluca coaches two hypnotized volounteers through a scene.

Hudson Valley Hypnotized

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Hypnotist Tom DeLuca performed at the BTC last Thursday and the auditorium was filled with people of all ages. Hudson Valley students were in attendance, along with professors and parents. DeLuca asked for volunteers to fill the 17 empty chairs on stage and lured people up with his humorous attitude.Read More

Jose Malone's a Mexican-Irish restaurant

Jose Malone’s: A Mexican Irish Restaurant

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Down in the heart of Troy, on River Street, sits a restaurant and bar that has turned into one of Troy’s big hits. Jose Malone’s Mexican Irish Restaurant has been serving the people of Troy and its local college students for many years. Many people may describe Jose Malone’s asRead More

Rev. Edward B. Smart, Ph. D

Reverend Speaks on the Watch Night Service

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Continuing the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Reverend Dr. Edward B. Smart from the First Israel AME Church gave a talk in the BTC Auditorium last Wednesday. The talk was titled “Freedom’s Eve: The Tradition of the Watch Night Service,” but Smart sparedRead More

The soon to be completed Science Center opening Fall 2013.

Science Center Construction Continues

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The new Science Center’s construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2013. “[The plan is to] start on the third floor of the building and work down until the job is done,” said Karen Seward, Director of the Physical Plant. The foundation is complete, along with water, utilities, andRead More

Eight Week College Courses

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Interested in completing an entire semester’s course work in half the time? Hudson Valley is accepting applications for late Sprint Classes, which begin on March 18 and run until May 10. Tuition is due by March 12. Sprint Classes are fast paced, compressed versions of semester long, 16 week courses,Read More

Letter from the Editor

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To the reader, If you haven’t discovered so already, staying on top of schoolwork is important in college. But more than homework, students must concentrate on full knowledge of allotted material, such as key terms, as well as anything written in the text book. So how can we learn thisRead More

Coheed and Cambria's new album "The Afterman: Descension"

Coheed and Cambria’s “The Afterman”

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In true System of a Down fashion, Coheed and Cambria have released a double album, “the Afterman,” over the course of a few months. The first part, “Ascension,” was released last November and it achieved critical acclaim. The second part, which came this week, is a different story. “Descension” mayRead More

FIDLAR's self-titled album

Music Review: FIDLAR’s FIDLAR

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“F*** it dog life’s a risk is” a line coined by FIDLAR, a surf skate punk band formed out of Los Angeles, CA. FIDLAR released their self-titled debut album in late January. The album is an instant hit, which may have you hooked after the first track, entitled “Cheap Beer.”Read More