Women’s Basketball Finishes Season Strong

Staff Report

Despite struggling the first half of the season, the women’s basketball team continued to play with heart, helping them to finish their season on a strong note.

The teams fortunes started to improve at the midway point when walk-on Kara Sheehan made an immediate contribution to the offensive effort.

When Melissa Lappies returned from a debilitating knee injury to complement the addition of Kathleen Sheppard, there was finally some depth on the team.

The ability to rest her players for brief periods paid dividends for Headcoach Colleen Ferris.

Returning next year are Sheehan, Sheppard and Lauren Hoffman. If Sheehan lights up the scoreboard next year like she did this year, Ferris has the makings of an offensively powerful team.

Helping run the offense will be the same dynamo, Hoffman at point guard. As tedious as Hoffman is on defense, she exhibits good instincts when running offensive sets and seems to relish challenging opponents.

Next year should be a hum-dinger of a season.

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