Hudson Valley hosts potential employers

Alycia Bacon, Staff Writer

Hudson Valley recently hosted a part-time job fair which gave students and community members a chance to speak with local companies and submit resumes and applications.

Some of the employers included Capital Communications Federal Credit Union, News Channel 13 and Home Depot, who were all hiring for various positions.

Some students took the opportunity to follow up applications they already submitted.

“I really just need more hours since I am already working part-time. I thought the job fair would be a good place to find a second employer,” said freshman Medina.

Theresa Trietiak, the talent acquisition specialist of Capital Communications, said, “We are really looking for people with strong computer skills. The ideal candidate for us would have a keen attention to detail and good interpersonal skills, they would have to be able to adapt.”

The representative for News Channel 13 advised that next to experience, the second most important quality in a candidate was talent.

“We are looking for someone with experience, but if we find a writer or a photographer who submits excellent samples of their work, we would hire them too.”

“The job fair is a place for students to get their foot in the door with a company,” said Gayle Healy, director of the Center for Careers and Employment.

“Students can really stand out from the crowd by dressing appropriately, having a professional demeanor and making sure their cell phones are put away when speaking with potential employers. No headphones [and] make eye contact and shake hands,” said Healy.

“[For students seeking employment] it’s best to have your resume proofread for accuracy and to rid of any spelling or grammar mistakes,” said Healy. “Our offices are always able to assist students with their resumes and cover letters. However, even if they cannot make it down here, they should still at least have a friend or family member review it.”

Katrina’s Closet, a campus service hosted by Sisters Incynch, is a clothing exchange that provides professional clothing, training and etiquette skills to Hudson Valley students who plan on seeking employment.

Students interested in Katrina’s Closet should contact Professor Tamu Chambers.

The community job fair will take place on Tuesday, Mar. 11 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will be for students looking for full-time jobs.

Students interested in working on campus should visit the Center for Careers and Employment on the second floor of the Siek Campus Center.

“We always have openings on campus posted online and within our office. Students should check frequently if they are interested in working here as these positions fill fast,” said Healy.

Students can access the online database by going to

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