Section II basketball players reunited

Carissa Phillips, Sports Editor

The Men’s basketball team defeated Columbia Greene Community College, 68-58, during their home game on Wednesday.

The teams faced each other once before at CGCC and lost 80-70.

“We were much more focused and determined during tonight’s home game than we were during our away game against CGCC,” said starting guard Devonte Gleason.

“We let things get out of hand last game but the energy was much higher tonight and we executed plays well right from the start,” said Gleason.

Head coach Mike Long agreed with Gleason.

“The first game we played against [CGCC] we lost by ten. We did not rebound well,” said Long.

“Tonight the men played to win. The passes, rebounds, and ball handling was much better,” said Long.

The teams were tied at 29-29 in the first half until Hudson Valley pulled ahead with 37-31 being the score at halftime.

There were several fouls called during the game including CGCC’s 22 turnovers.

Coach Long attributed it to CGCC’s performance.

“I think it was merely from the flow of the game. [CGCC] was strong during our first matchup on their home court but their playing tonight prompted a lot of fouls against them,” said Long.

During the second half, starting players Jose Reyes, Elijah Newsome, Devonte Gleason, David Suski and Nate Monson lead the team to a 10 point advantage over the opponent.

Gleason led the team with 16 points total and Newsome was just behind him with 11.

This was considered a big game for Gleason and Reyes according to spectator and Hudson Valley alumnus Randy Hammond.

“Half of the guys on the court have played against or with each other in section two basketball,” said Hammond.

Not only was this the team’s second time facing eachother during their college season but Hudson Valley players such as Elijah Newsome, Devonte Gleason and Jose Reyes competed in Section II finals in the past.

CGCC players Kahlil Paul, Jordan Hoose and Gae Arcuri matched up against each other during Section II games as well.

“We were striving to beat CGCC to make up for our previous game,” said Gleason. “Playing against all my section 2 rivals again wasn’t on my mind.”

Hudson Valley went against Mohawk Valley away on Saturday, Feb. 15 and [INSERT RESULTS HERE].

“Mohawk Valley is one the top three teams in the league. It should be an interesting game for the fans,” said Long.

Hudson Valley now has a season record of 11 wins and 10 losses.

“We need the wins right now more than ever,” said Long. “We need a maintain or surpass win/loss record to make it into regionals.”

With the Mohawk Valley game included, the team has three regular season games to go until their sub regionals, Tuesday, Feb. 25. The opponent and location have yet to be announced.


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