Is crossfit training for you?

Carissa Phillips, Sports Editor

The Collar City Crossfit (CCCF) gym, located in Troy, has an easily accessible program for all ages and current fitness levels. The new gym is now located on 70 102nd Street after a recent move to a larger location.

The basic principle of CrossFit breaks down to constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensities.

“CrossFit essentially supports you for life,” said Collar City CrossFit trainer, Elizabeth Young Jojo.

“One of the most basic movements in CrossFit is the squat. You can’t sit and get up from a chair without squatting,” said Jojo.

Using movements like body weight lifting, free weights and gymnastics, CCCF uses focused muscle groups to not only support your everyday muscle movements and functions.

CCCF’s main focus for their members is to show them a version of fitness that can be fun and addictive in an energetic, positive atmosphere.

“What turns people away from their fitness goals is their own workout regiment being the same everyday or every week,” said Jojo.

“We program the workouts differently for every class and post it online the day before. You never need to worry about what is best for your body. We’ve got it covered,” said Jojo.

Each workout is scaled to any fitness ability and can be performed with a weight that suits your beginner classes.

“We have have athletes of all ranges in here,” said Jojo.

“My mother is a member. She’s 65 years old and has a replaced knee and yet she’s right next to a 30 year old man, doing the same workout and they’re pushing eachother through their class,” said Jojo.

“That’s one of my favorite things about CrossFit,” said Jojo. “Seeing beginners and competitive Crossfit athletes, working right next to each other and supporting one another the whole way through.”

Owners Jessica Wold and Heather Field opened their first gym on Troy’s Riverfront St. in 2011 and reopened the new gym in the beginning of 2014. Along with the new gym, trainer and CrossFit member Elizabeth Young Jojo, partnered with Wold and Field as an owner the start of this year.

“We’re very excited for the summertime,” said Jojo. “We’ll be able to swing open the big garage door for some fresh air and also be able perform some workouts outside.”

The new gym in comparison to the first location gives members more room to train, with more training capability for new exercises.

“We have double the space in this facility,” said Jojo. “This gym is now fully capable of hanging ropes from the ceiling for exercises while simultaneously doing floor exercises.”

Equipt with men’s and women’s locker rooms, Collar City CrossFit provides their gym members with showers so their busy schedules outside of the gym will not refrain them from their workout regimen.

“It’s great for the members who train during our 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. classes and go to work right afterwards,” said Jojo.

In celebration of their new location, CCCF is offering 25 percent off the first month membership until March 31st, along with other discounts for students, co-workers and military members and more.

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