Table Tennis: 41 years of success and fun

Courtesy of Ruslan Vasyukov

Devon Hobbs, Guest Contributor

The Tennis Table club once was a small group founded by George Nagy and now is a group with over 250 members.

Nagy said that the club’s purpose was to bring students together to give them a chance to meet new people and relax between classes.

Kaylee Le Buis, a second year human services major and president of the Table Tennis Club gave insight on her experience.

Le Buis said her inspiration for joining the club was to mingle and socialize with new students and make new friends.

Being involved with the club for two years, Le Buis said her favorite parts of the experience were the competitive nature of the game itself and the friends she has made along the way.

Nagy explained that he put a lot of time and dedication into this club to show the students the importance of community.

Nagy continues to spend his own money on food and drinks for the club meetings and the extra events, such as banquets and the two tournaments held every school year.

Including the food for the banquets and the trophies for tournaments, the cost is about $500.

“I have no problem [and] the kids like it,” Nagy said.

Table Tennis at Hudson Valley has expanded over the years. The community is no longer hosting only students of Hudson Valley, but people from all over the state.

“Over time, people just started coming. Students from RPI, Siena, and SUNY students have stopped in to play. Everyone has a shot to show what they can do. Many people come here because we are one of few places with free tables.” Nagy explains.

At first, the Table Tennis Club was located in Hudson Hall.

Nagy created the club in 1973, when he found two tables. He had to use his own funds to jumpstart the idea.

“Over the past 25 years the school has developed a better budget for the club.” Nagy said.

When the club was established, Nagy decided to create a list of leading positions for students who could take over in his absence.

With numbers growing, Nagy assigned a president, co-president, treasurer, and secretary for organization.

To join the Table Tennis Club, just show up.

“We try to keep it more informal. Anyone can come and play,” said Le Buis. “When we see you often we will just offer to make you a member.”

Upcoming events are the second tournament in April, followed by the annual banquet hosted in May.

“We look forward to new people. It is very competitive but very friendly at the same time.” Le Buis said.

The club tables can be found on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center.

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