Rain forces forces annual Springfest indoors

Tyler McNeil, Staff Writer

April showers brought Hudson Valley’s annual Springfest indoors on Wednesday, Apr. 30. The annual event, held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., was moved inside to the McDonough Sports Complex Ice Rink due to heavy rain.

“It wasn’t the turnout we were expecting but I’m glad so many students showed up to the events around the day,” said Josh Feldman, computer systems administration major and oldest member of the Student Senate.

Free Hudson Valley hats and t-shirts in various sizes were given out to attendants who filled out a survey given by the Student Senate.

“This was a well collaborated event with plenty of activities for students to choose from that had a great turnout,” said Grace Harrison, individual studies major and unopposed candidate for the Student Senate presidential and seat.

“I really hope this type of outcome becomes the norm [for Hudson Valley events],” said Harrison.

Harrison handed out flyers asking students to vote for her on both ballots.

“It would’ve been much easier to enjoy [Springfest] if it wasn’t for the crappy music,” said Jarod Bark, automotive technology major. “I couldn’t hear myself think.”


“[Springfest] was interesting. Besides the rain, I never saw more [students] in one place,” said Hurria Tariq, individual studies major.

“Anywhere you find free food, you’ll find [students] there,” joked Joshua Britton, electrical engineering major, who stood alongside Tariq in line for characterture drawings.

Britton said, “I was here, anticipating the free food and of course, the dodgeball game.”

Some students commented on what they believed to be a low turnout and lack of publicity for the event.

“[Hudson Valley] never gets the word out about these events,” said Chase Waters, criminal justice major. “Most students have probably smelled their way here.”

“The problem with these events is that it’s hard to get student involvement, especially at a commuter school when half of these students barely know each other or have just one group of friends,” said Eric Rogers, business administration major.

 Rogers said, “Yes, it’s a college of thousands, but there’s always people you can see standing out and making it to these events but that’s all there is. It never fluctuates.”

Derek Torrisi, current Student Senate treasurer said, “We were expecting the reception to be great for Springfest. There was dodgeball, caricature [artists], music and of course, free food.”

Springfest was approved by the Student Senate. According to Terrisi, the event costed “somewhere in between $30,000 to $40,000” when it was approved last summer.

The Environmental Sustainability Fair, held in the Siek Campus Center, was run at dueling hours on the same day as Springfest. This is not the first time Springfest has fallen on the same date as other Hudson Valley events. Last year, Spring Fest was held on Apr. 25, when six other events were held on campus.

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