Hudson Valley Ranked in Top 100 Most Productive Community Colleges

Cheyenne Fitch

Staff Writer

Once again, Hudson Valley has been ranked among the most productive community colleges within the nation.

The Community College Weekly, a higher education newspaper, confirmed Hudson Valley as the 44th top community college after ranking among the top for two consecutive years.

Every other year, the U.S Department of Education generates statistics of all community colleges in the United States. These statistics are released to organizations, like the Aspen Institute, who compare colleges and awards them for their success. Aspen measures a college’s success by graduation rates, academic excellence, and diverse students.

In 2012 and 2013, Hudson Valley awarded 1,974 students with associate’s degrees and certificates. This sets Hudson Valley among the top 5% of community colleges in the nation.

Hudson Valley has consistently ranked highly and has eligible to receive an Aspen award for the past 10 years. For three years in a row, Hudson Valley was also acknowledged as a “military friendly” community college by the GI Jobs Magazine.

Hudson Valley was also recognized by the Community College Weekly for being especially productive in specific degree programs..

Out of all colleges nationwide to reward the most associate degrees, Hudson Valley ranked 8th in merchandising, general sales and marketing degrees; 18th in parks, recreation, leisure and fitness studies degrees; 18th in the number of criminal justice degrees ; 19th in homeland security, law enforcement, firefighting and related protective services associate degrees ; 19th in engineering technology degrees; 29th in family and consumer science degrees; 31st in natural resources and conservation degrees; 38th in science technologies degrees; and 39th in business, management and marketing degrees.

Out of the 30 community colleges in New York, Hudson Valley ranks as the fifth most productive SUNY community college.

Hudson Valley’s Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing Eric Bryant said that students are monitored and teachers are sent warning notes for students who are in danger of failing their classes. “Students are referred to help centers where determined staff members will do anything they can to make put them back on the right track,” said Bryant.

Bryant believes that the numerous help centers at Hudson Valley help students to graduate but things like work schedules and not being prepared for college life can deter one’s chances of graduating.

He added, “If you are a hardworking person who is not afraid to utilize all the help made available, you will make it at Hudson Valley.”

In addition to academics, Hudson Valley’s mission includes providing a student-oriented and helpful environment that is also sensible to the college’s diversity and educational needs.

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