HVCC’s unpredictable sports

Bobby Colla

Sports Editor

Hudson Valley Athletics has a history of 50 plus years, but this year that doesn’t seem to mean much.

Between the Football team, the Women’s Soccer team, and the hockey team, the difference between their last few seasons and this year are large.

Everyone on the Hudson Valley campus during the fall semester heard about the football team’s historic season, but the great season and tragic ending to the Women’s Soccer season.

The Women’s Soccer team put together an 11-4-1 season, where they outscored their opponents 45-9, yet they only made it into the regional semifinals.

At the end of the season, Head Coach Jay Pokines said, “I am very proud of this team, they had a great season. It’s just disappointing that it ended when it did.”

Before this season, the Women’s soccer team at HVCC had just 22 wins in 5 seasons. Seven of the Lady Vikings wins were shutouts, and of those 3 of them they scored six or more goals.

The other team having a very surprising season is the Hockey team. The Vikings have struggled to a 2-7-2 record for the season and their smarts on the Ice have been amajority of the problem according to head coach Matt Alvey.

It seems it’s just not coming together for the Vikings this year and they’re very much struggling.

Last year the team played in and hosted the National Tournament for NJCAA Hockey and lost in the semi-finals. They are doing the exact opposite this season and just can’t find their niche.

More teams like the basketball teams and the bowling teams have had interesting seasons but we’re still not sure where they’re headed.

We have only two games this upcoming week at home for HVCC and they are the two home basketball games at 1pm and 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

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