McDunkin’ coming to McDonough

Gary Patterson

Doughnut Editor

At halftime of Hudson Valley basketball and hockey games next year, students will be able to walk down the hall and get a tasty double cheeseburger on a glazed donut.

The Glazed McDouble will be the signature dish of the new fast food chain McDunkin’, which will open its flagship location in the McDonough Sports Complex on Hudson Valley’s campus. McDunkin’ will serve a blend of dishes from McDonalds and Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Students burn a lot of calories in the sports complex, and we will be there to make sure they don’t lose any weight as a result,” said McDunkin’ spokesperson Bonnie Bunz. “Fat is an important part of any healthy diet, as is caffeine, and we’d like to see the country as a whole more tolerant of obesity.”

Customers will also be able to enjoy music while they feast on french fries and sip on coffee. “McDunkin’ in McDonough will play Madonna,” said Bunz.

Students differ on their opinions of whether or not McDunkin’ in McDonough will have a positive or negative impact on campus.

“We already have a Dunkin’ Donuts across the street and I never eat McDonalds so I don’t see the point,” said Al Caffinayt.

“I love me some nuggets and I love me some donuts and I love me some fries and I love me some coffee and I never work out so now I’ll have a reason to go over there,” said McLovin.

Supporters of McDunkin’ believe that the restaurant will bring more people to the sports complex and lead to an increase in gym usage. “We will bring increased traffic to the sports complex and we believe that will result in more people working out. Students will buy a coffee and a Glazed McDouble and then on their way back to class say, ‘Hey, I’ll stop here and lift some weights,’” said Bunz.

McDunkin’ will feature many items currently on menus at McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts, as well as a handful of fusion dishes. In addition to the Glazed McDouble, the menu will feature the Big Mac Omelette Breakfast Sandwich, Glazed French Fries, and Boston Cream McNuggets.

Bunz said that McDunkin’ hopes to quickly expand nationwide. “Americans want convenience. We will give them breakfast, lunch, and dessert all on one sandwich. We believe the demand for our meals will lead to an outcry for more restaurants.”


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