Vikings Cove Bookstore has all of its eggs in many baskets

Shakeema Hill

Staff Writer

Thirty eggs were scattered and hidden around the bookstore by 7:30 a.m. each day. The egg hunt started the moment the bookstore opened, at 8 a.m., and ended at 4 p.m. when the bookstore closed.

Every year before Easter break, there is a two-day Easter egg hunt held at The Viking’s Cove Bookstore in the Siek Campus Center. About 50 students participated in this year’s hunt, held Apr. 1 and 2.

All the eggs were found. Bookstore staff gave students hints to locate the last three eggs, which were the hardest to find because all the easier and more obvious places had been searched.

Every year, the Easter egg hunt prizes are different based on the budget. This year, the prizes included headphones, a frisbee, candy, and the two grand prizes speakers for your phone or computer.

The purpose of the egg hunt was to give back to the students and to be a fun way to increase awareness about what the bookstore has to offer.

“I found out about the Easter egg hunt by looking on the HVCC website,” said Amanda Robles, biological science major. “The most challenging egg to find was the one hidden under the stacks of candy, because I had no idea that the egg would be in there.”

She also said, “I think that the event was exciting and entertaining and something to look forward to before Easter break.”

“I simply saw the sign on the bookstore door and that is how I found out about the event,” said Ramon Jetter, civil engineering major. “The challenging part of the egg hunt was not knowing where they are and overlooking the most obvious places.”

He added, “It was fun-filled and well thought-out. Even though I found searching for the eggs were maddening, but finding them was very rewarding.”

Benjamin King, the grand prize winner, said, “I found out about the egg hunt from a friend and decided to do it because I heard that there were prizes. I also wanted to test my seeking skills. After 20 minutes I was about to give up, but I kept looking in hopes to find an egg.” He said that the eggs were hard to find because they could be anywhere.

King said, “I was pretty ecstatic when I found the egg.”

Not all students were aware of the egg hunt. “I did not know about the easter egg hunt being held at the bookstore,” said Michelle Floyd, liberal arts major. “If I had known about the event, I would have went with my two best friends.”

Floyd said, “I also think that it is really cool that the bookstore has a lot of these events to give prizes to the students.”


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