Decision 2015: Treasurer Election Guide


Name: Josiah J. Dillon

Hometown: Ballston Spa, NY

High School: Ballston Spa High School

Major: Business Administration (BAD)

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Treasurer because of my love for Hudson Valley and skills and passion for finance. I am the best person for this position. In it, I will use my skills and knowledge to do more for our college than anyone else. Hudson Valley has done so much for me and my family, granting my mother an Associate’s degree when I was young, and now sending me down a good path. I want to give back to this institution, and this position would put me in a great place to do that.

What are your experiences that qualify you as a good candidate?

I became interested in finance when I was twelve years old, in middle school. I opened up my first investment portfolio and have been hooked on finance ever since. Reading every book I could get my hands on, it quickly became a passion of mine. I am currently on the Board of Directors of Hudson Valley’s Investment Club and am in line for the Presidency in the fall. I am also currently a Freshman Senator in Hudson Valley’s Student Senate, so I am familiar with the meetings, and the roles and responsibilities of the Treasurer position.

How would you use your position to improve student life at Hudson Valley?

Community Colleges are notorious for having a disconnected student body. With commuters, online students, and many part-timers, it can be tough to feel like you’re part of a community. I want to put the “community” back into Hudson Valley Community College. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of two great clubs here on campus, and have seen the camaraderie and fun Hudson Valley has to offer. I want to make sure every student is aware of the great clubs and activities, and plan to carry on what Senior Class President Adam Day started with the “All Clubs” meeting, connecting all of Hudson Valley’s great clubs.

What are some specific goals or initiatives that you will pursue if elected?

My main focus as Treasurer will be the Finance Committee. One of the most important roles of Student Senate is the allocation of money to clubs for their budgets, as well as special funds requests, so the Finance Committee is a very vital committee. I would love to grow this committee by adding members of the Investment Club, people who have a really deep understanding of finance. With Senators and Investment Club members working together, I will lead a very knowledgeable Finance Committee that will be fully equipped for any task or decision.

Student Senate leadership positions require the ability to effectively handle challenges. What is an example of you doing this in the past?

The transition from fall semester to spring semester was tough for Investment Club. We had a few changes in leadership and a very different club body. On the board we had planned for a very outgoing, and at times argumentative (in the best way possible; our club is fueled by debate) group. This semester we have seen a switch to a quieter, more reserved group. Which is great, they’re all great members and all very respectful. However, our plans were geared for a more rowdy bunch. On the fly, we had to modify our leadership to adapt to the change in membership. We had to work to get members engaged and involved, and our flexibility has paid off.

What are your plans after leaving Hudson Valley?

I plan to transfer to a four-year institution after I complete my two years at the Valley. I have a few schools in mind, some locals, UAlbany and RPI, a couple SUNYs, Binghamton and Buffalo, and Cornell is my reach (because who wouldn’t want to go from community college to an Ivy?). I want a bachelor’s in business with a concentration in finance. After college, I aim to head to the Big Apple to start my career in finance in the finance capital of the world. I have loved New York City and finance my entire life, and can’t imagine anything better than working in finance in Manhattan.

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