Student Senate President Grace Harrison’s Letter to the Community


Dear Friends,

Suddenly, two years seems too brief! Graduating from Hudson Valley Community College is a bittersweet prospect, and I will miss this amazing campus community. I wish to thank the faculty, staff, administration and all students for a lovely, engaging, fun and productive year. We are so fortunate to have a campus full of outstanding teachers and supportive staff who genuinely care about their students and go above and beyond to ensure student success.

As I reflect on my personal experience over the past two years, I realize how much HVCC has helped me to grow personally, academically, and socially. So many doors and opportunities have opened for me that I am confident will impact the rest of my life. HVCC has a vitality and spirit that is constantly adjusting to meet the needs of students and give them the tools they will need as they step into the professional world.

Perhaps it is just me, but I sense that the campus has become more vibrant during the past year. The student senate has implemented so many new events such as talent shows, homecoming week, cultural pride day, and weekly live music. Pumpkin Palooza, Spring Fest, and Fall Fest were great fun and very well attended. In addition, the senate has implemented a performing arts committee, a larger, better-stocked food pantry as well as an All Clubs Meeting (initiated by Senior Class President and Senator Adam Day) where HVCC’s club leaders come together for a monthly meeting focused on bringing the campus together, strengthening communication, and collaborating on events and new initiatives. I am confident that your new Student Senate President, Everett McNair, and his executive board will do an outstanding job in actively addressing student concerns and continuing our long-term initiatives into next year.

For those of you continuing on at Hudson Valley, I encourage you to get involved in campus events, clubs, and reach out to others in our community. These gestures, on even the smallest level, impact student life and increase campus spirit, continually recreating/reinventing our community to make it the best it can be.

I look forward to visiting Hudson Valley in the future and observing how this leading community college continues to excel, evolve and serve our students.

Best of luck with your final exams and wrapping up an incredible year!


Grace Harrison

Student Senate President

Student Trustee


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