Ravers on campus remember Foam N’ Glow

Jenny Caulfield

Staff Writer

“You’d be in the bathroom, and you’d see someone snort a line off of something. I used to snort molly off the back of my phone,” said Bree Moorehead, business administration student and frequent raver that attended the first ever Foam N’ Glow at The Times Union Center.

Foam N’ Glow, scheduled to hit the Times Union Center on Sep. 26, was cancelled this week. The event was originally to occur at The Washington Avenue Armory in February, but cancelled following the violent outbursts that had taken place at the venue weeks prior.

“To get the full effect, you would need to be there”, said Ian McFarland.  He attended last year’s Foam N’ Glow at the Washington Avenue Armory, and loved every minute of it so he bought tickets for the September show. He was left disappointed by the cancellation.

“You get to meet some really interesting people, and no one’s judging you. Everyone’s just having a good time,” said McFarland.

Ravers sometimes attend the event intoxicated under the influence of pills and taking hallucinogens. “Me and my friends, when we go–I drop acid, shrooms, someone takes a Xanax,” said Moorehead.  

“Everything gets a lot sluttier when there’s foam,” said Moorehead. Despite the apparent drug use at the event, there are still people who attend Foam N’ Glow to have fun with their friends and enjoy the music and atmosphere.

“There’s probably a ton of people that go there just to do a ton of drugs and just to harass other people, but there are some people that go there just to listen to awesome music and to have a really awesome time,” said Mcfarland about his Foam N’ Glow experience.

The foam element at the Foam N’ Glow seems to add something extra compared to a traditional rave while also keeping with the typical experience . When thinking about the overall experience at a rave, McFarland said, “It sounds really simple, but when you’re there, it’s just happiness.”

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