How to make the most of long breaks

Ceora Gibson

Staff Writer

A long break between classes can be nice at times, but not everyone is willing to buckle down and study for three straight hours. Such a break, however, can leave you at a loss trying to figure out how to spend your time.

Listen to your gut

Some classes can leave you drained and caffeine isn’t the healthiest answer. Thankfully, there are many healthy meal options on and around campus. The food court has a wide variety of healthy options from wraps to fresh salads to subs. A snack between classes can help provide the energy to power through the next lecture.

Fit in fitness

Exercise can help boost brain power, melt away stress, improve memory and help academic overall. There are plenty of routes to jog, grass areas to stretch or perform floor exercises, as well as on-campus fitness rooms and racquetball courts located in the McDonough Sports Complex. A little exercise between classes can go a long way and the results in your health and your grades will not disappoint.

Buckle down in the library

All that extra time between classes is perfect for going to the library and getting lost in a good book. The Marvin Library is loaded with genres that will please any reader. The quiet and calm atmosphere of the library (at least in the Red Zones) and cafe can help relax the mind and escape the hustle and bustle of the campus.

Be social. Be a Viking.

Every day is a chance to smile at a stranger or make small talk with the staff. The diversity of this campus makes for an interesting conversation with almost every person you meet. Socializing can be as simple as meeting friends, to saying “Good Morning” to a student passing by, to asking to sit with someone in the campus center (while keeping your creep game weak).

Show me the money

Krizden Wagoner, a first year student and staff member at Panera, has a four-hour break between his classes on Mondays. This is just enough time, however, for him to drive down the street and make a little extra cash before his next class. “I’ve made the best out of a rough situation,” said Wagoner.

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