Speak-Off competition means more than business

Rebecca Jordan

Staff Writer

How can students win $100 for talking??

The Entrepreneur’s Club is hosting a speak-off on Wednesday, Nov. 4 from 2-3 p.m. in FTZ 100. Contestants will have a chance to win $100 for giving a speech on solving a problem faced by a small business.“The competition is not limited to business majors, and the topic is one anyone can relate to,” Entrepreneur’s Club advisor Jodie Mather said.

Contestants will have up to four minutes to freely share their ideas on a specific topic. This year, students have been asked to speak as if they were small business owners facing a problem. The speech should explain what the potential problem is and how the student would address it in a socially responsible manner, or a method that is beneficial for the community.

Mather is excited about this year’s competition: “I really think that this topic will resonate with people because anyone could participate who wants to solve a problem.” SUNY Plattsburgh hosts the competition and sponsors the area’s participating schools, giving them the prize money for the winner. The winner of the Hudson Valley competition will be invited to represent the school in the regional contest being held at Plattsburgh on Mar. 4.

Any current part- or full-time student with a GPA of at least 2.0 is allowed to participate. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 28.

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