Organizations look to spread health and wellness awareness in Campus Center

Chris Payne, Staff Writer

The Campus Center was centered around health and wellness as Hudson Valley hosted the Wellness Fair on Oct. 14.

“We want to help erase the stigma of mental illness,” said Pam Slotsky, part of the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI).

“The Wellness Fair is a good thing to have because a lot of students are not aware of the Wellness Center,” said Dennis Dominguez, another representative of the Human Services Club.

The first people who attended the Wellness Fair were the Human Services club. “A Wellness Fair is good because it brings awareness to health issues,” said Audrey McKee, Human Services club member.

Kari Law was another representative of the Human Services Club. “It is a very good thing that the Wellness Center is here,” she said. “A lot of students are not aware of the issues about human health.”

“The Wellness Fair is a good way to reach out to students and make them aware of the programs here at Hudson Valley,”  said Joe Frazier, human services major.

Many different organizations attended the Wellness Fair. “We help people with different disabilities to live alone, be independent, and do whatever with their lives,” said Christopher Walsh, who works for the Independent Living Center in Troy. “We want people to spread the word about us and help people out with different tasks like fill out Medicaid and disability papers.”

The American Cancer Society also attended the Wellness Fair. “My goal is to work with the students and faculty and have them to know the portion sizes, healthy choices, and physical activity,” said Wendy Stickley-Ocker, a delivery manager.

Ashley Pulsoni, a nutrition education advisor for the Capital Region was also at the fair. “I wanted to spread awareness of making healthier food choices,” Pulsoni said. “There’s a lot of good variety in organizations here at this Wellness Fair.”

“The Wellness Fair is a good way to spread awareness about massage and how to become massage therapists,” said Alicia Lombard, therapist from the Center for Natural Wellness in Colonie.

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