Alternate routes students can take in a snowstorm

Chris Payne

Staff Writer

Getting to Hudson Valley every day is a frequent concern for students during the spring semester.

“It’s hard to get to school from [home],” said Rebecca Olsona, a student commuter from Berlin. Olsona finds that her 30 minute trip from Berlin in snow and ice make her travel to the college more difficult. “When it does snow, the roads typically are not plowed,” said Olsen.

Rebecca Olsona is one of many students enjoying the winter driving conditions so far. “I like this year so much because there is no snow,” said business major Collin Eastin. “I like it not snowing,” said business student Anthony Wasiyo.

With many of Hudson Valley students being daily commuters, it is important to know alternate routes to the college during the unpredictable patterns of winter.

Commuting South

For students commuting from the southern area, first, take the I-87 or the New York State Thruway to exit 21 B. Continue onto exit 21 B for approximately 11 miles, and proceed onto exit B1 (I-90 West/ Route 9) for approximately 5.5 miles on I-90 West.

Get off at exit 11, and take a right onto Route 9 South & Route 20 East. Take route 150 north for over 12.4 miles, and make a final left onto route 136 west.

Commuting East

For students coming from the east, start by taking I-90 west to exit B3 (Route 22).Take a right off of the exit for route 22 north for approximately 14 miles. Take a left onto route 43 heading west for approximately 12 miles, and stay straight on route 66 north for 6.5 miles. Take a final left on route 150 for approximately ¼ mile.

Commuting West

Take I-90 east to exit 24 off of the State Thruway,  and take exit 1N off I-90 to I-87 North. After seven miles, follow route 7 east for approximately five miles. Make a right turn onto 15th Street in Troy. If you do not see a McDonald’s on the corner of the street, you have gone the wrong way.  

From there, take 15th street to route 2 east. Follow route 2 east for ¼ mile to route 66 south. Take route 66 south for approximately 2 miles, and then turn right onto Winter Street. Keep on Winter Street for approximately 1 ¼ mile.

Commuting North

For students coming from the north, head onto I-87 to exit 7 (Route 7 east). From here, follow the same route as described for commuting west.

Commuting Northeast

Start on route 22 south and continue onto route 7 west. Take a left onto route 22 south, and continue on route 22 south for approximately 7½ miles. Make a right turn onto route 2 heading west for approximately 11½ miles.

Continue on route 2 heading west, and make a left on Blue Factory Hill Road. Make a right onto Plank Road, and continue onto Route 355 heading west. Take Route 66 off of route 355 heading north for ¼ mile. Be prepared to make a left onto route 150, and continue on 150 until you see route 136.


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