Seasonal Affect Disorder cases treated at Wellness Center

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Evette Linendoll

Staff Writer

Cases of Seasonal Affect Disorder in the campuses Wellness Center have been brought upon by the change in season.

Seasonal Affect Disorder, otherwise known as S.A.D, is a type of depression that is related to the change in seasons. In most cases, Seasonal Affect Disorder starts in the fall and goes through the winter. It can happen just once or every year. Some symptoms include feeling depressed during the day, having low energy and thoughts of harming yourself.

“It can bring on seasonal depression in certain individuals,” said Mental Health counselor Sara Donnelly. With the days growing shorter, there is less sunlight and freezing temperatures. These conditions lead to students feeling the depression brought upon by Seasonal Affect Disorder.

“I have certainly seen it here,” said Donnelly. Being a mental health counselor in the Center for Counseling, Donnelly has had encounters with students with Seasonal Affect Disorder before at Hudson Valley.

“Talk to a counselor,” she said. “If a student is affected by it, they may have a hard time focusing on school work or getting work done,” said Donnelly. In more extreme cases, students can struggle with finding the ability to attend classes.

Seasonal Affect Disorder has multiple treatments, including the use of light therapy, an increase in Vitamin D and taking extra care of your body. In more severe cases of Seasonal Affect Disorder, medication can be prescribed. Donnelly recommends counseling and any type of talk therapy as her means of treatment.

“We do mainly talk therapy,” said Donnelly. The Wellness Center, located on the upper level of the Campus Center, is here to help students in need. “We certainly have the means to give students the recourses to find the help they need,” she said. “Get evaluated because it’s well worth it to take the resources and not suffer through the season and wait it out.”

“If something is really impeding on one’s life and one’s function, that’s when you know it’s an issue that needs to be addressed,” said Donnelly.

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