Food hat enthusiast ‘frank’ about new style

Tyler McNeil

Managing Editor

Matt WhalenMatt Whalen | The Hudsonian

Kenny Reed has taken a different direction with his headwear after five months of wearing a pizza hat around campus.

“The hats at this point are honestly more famous than I am,” said Reed about his food-related hats. He originally hoped to strictly wear his pizza hat, but after receiving a hot dog hat for Christmas, his plans changed.

At first, Reed struggled to adjust to the hot dog hat. He often had trouble putting it on and some of the stitching came undone after several days of use. “I tell people that one of my friends took a bite out of it,” said Reed.

His change in hats attracted attention from students across campus. “Some people actually did say that they missed the pizza hat,” said Reed.

Earlier in January, Reed recalled being followed across campus before being asked about what hat he hopes to wear next semester. Since his pizza hat debuted on campus in the fall, Reed’s hats have appeared across Yik-Yak and on the HVCC Confessions Twitter page. “You just don’t see a lot of other people walking around with food hats,” he said.

When Reed heard about a student wearing a banana hat on campus last November, he hoped to start a mock rivalry with the student over Twitter. Reed has not heard of any banana hat sightings on campus since last semester. “It’s my biggest regret now that I haven’t tracked him down,” he said.

Along with meeting the student wearing a banana hat, before leaving the college, Reed hopes to wear a hamburger hat on campus. He now hopes to wear a new food-related hat every semester including a turkey hat planned for next fall. “There’s never been a type of food that I’ve thought ‘no, that is not going on my head,’” said Reed.

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