Talent Show reaches “high level”

Sophia Jamil
Staff Writer

From singing to rapping to dancing, many talents were brought into BTC on Thursday for Hudson Valley’s talent show.

“We felt that this year’s talent show was a big success,” said digital media major, Matt Whalen, Whalen is also editor-in-chief of the Hudsonian and a director and judge in the talent show.

“Everyone that participated in helping out, and the turnout that we got was very exciting to see.”

After a successful Springfest earlier in the day, Hudson Valley ended the night off with the annual talent show hosted by The Hudsonian and the Student Senate.

There were ten acts that participated in the show. The acts ranged from singing and guitar to dancing and rapping.

“We had a great turnout during the auditions and the acts that we chose really performed at a high level,” said Whalen.

Student Senate president Everett McNair and vice president Bryce Kirk hosted the show.

Kirk said, “We had so much fun hosting, and I think the crowd loved watching us. We put a lot of thought and effort into the skits we did.”

The judges included Taylor LaPorta, health sciences student, Samantha Longton, individual studies major, Josiah Dillon, business administration major and Whalen.

“We had a lot of really talented people coming in tonight. What I was looking for when I was judging was progression because I watched these people perform during auditions, so I’m really curious to see how much people have worked on themselves from auditions to now,” said Longton.

Singer Wanda James and guitarist/singer Myron James won third place.

James said, “We love what we do and we have so much fun. Winning a place was really cool, but the main thing was that we had so much fun tonight. The hosts kept us really entertained.”

Emily Conolly, business major, won second place for her vocal and guitar performance.

“I really worked hard on this for three weeks, so winning second place really made me feel accomplished. It was a great show and we had a lot of great performances,” she said.

The first place winner was Yayer Asher who sang and played guitar. Prior to the beginning of the event, Yayer said, “I am excited for this. I’ve worked pretty hard with my song and my guitar, so it should be fun. I am not so hung up on winning, but it would be cool if I did.”

“We hope that the future students continue to host the talent show and participate,” said Whalen. “Having students run these events is a big way to get them more involved in activities and become more successful.”

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