What building personality are you?

Tyler McNeil
Managing Editor

Is your focus centered around academics like the Marvin Library or having fun like Joe Bruno Stadium?

Learn about your campus building personality type below.

Lang/Higbee Hall
If you’re a Lang/Higbee, you have a very straight-forward personality. “What you see is what you get,” is one of the best ways to describe who you are. You’re very down-to-earth. It’s high likely that people flock to you or stray from you because you haven’t drastically changed over time.

At first you appear very confusing to understand. With dimly lit hallways and three levels of classrooms, you’re very complex (and sometimes weird) to new students. Once students get to know a BTC, they become attracted to your larger than life personality and can’t get enough of you.

Stadium Classroom Building
Fame is your lowest priority. Being a Stadium Classroom Building, few people know how hard you work, but you don’t care. You’re motivated to do your job because you love working even if the credit goes to someone else.

Science Center
“Primadonna” is an understatement. When people arrive on campus, you’re not afraid to glow. You’re the most fashionable around campus. Of course, you might appear a little quirky once people get to know you, but you strive to make quirky look “cool.”

Campus Center
People are driven to you because you’re a nurturer. It may not be easy for you to admit, but you love being a shoulder to cry on, always. If anyone is hungry or sad, you’ll look to solve their problems over your problems any day.

Marvin Library
You’re a bit of a brainiac and you’re not afraid to show it. To you, knowledge is everything. You love sharing your brain with others around the clock. It’s hard to know what to expect from you. Sometimes you’re really loud and sometimes you’re very silent.

McDonough Sports Complex
Competition is everything. From volleyball to basketball — you’re there. You will never back down from a fight even if the cards are stacked against you. It’s in your nature to be aggressive and a little impulsive, but very loyal.

Amstuz/Fitzgibbons Hall
You’ve had a wild past and don’t settle for boring. There’s a lot of stories you don’t tell to this day. Although you might seem “old-school,” you’re still charming. “Keep it classy” is your motto at all times.

Brahan Hall
Sometimes you talk in circles, but you always know what you’re doing. Although you always get the job done, with several flights of stairs, it requires a great deal of patience to work with you. Your biggest priority is freedom even if it takes an entire lifetime to find.

Administration Building
Similar to the Science Center, you’re very fashionable, but you don’t know that you’re chic at all. You don’t quite know how to accept compliments, but you like them. You’re very artsy, but try to keep your fascination with aesthetics hidden so you can seem professional at all times.

Cogan/Williams Hall
You’re not afraid to get down and dirty. Chances are, you’ve never been afraid of spiders, darkness and don’t care about heights. At the end of the day, you’re too focused on fixing things to be worried about fear.

Viking Daycare Center
Over your lifetime, you’ve never strayed too far from childhood. Despite getting older, you’ve never cared for “growing up.” You love kids but understand when to separate play time from serious work. Nap time is extremely beneficial for you or else you have an unbearable personality.

Guenther Hall
There’s never been a point in your life where you’ve separated your professional experiences from your work experiences. To you, they’re one of the same. If you’re not trying to recruit others to have the same opportunities as you — you probably think that you’re failing.

Hudson Hall
Art is life. You’re eccentric, edgy and sometimes even charismatic. You invite your demons into your work and try to make something beautiful out of scratch. Similar to Cogan/Williams, you’re fearless and are not afraid to smoke wherever you want.

LaPan Building
As a LaPan, your main focus isn’t always academics. It’s work. You probably have two to three jobs along with school and sometimes forget what it feels like to sleep.

Joe Bruno Stadium
Out of all the structures on campus, nobody is more focused on making everything fun and exciting than you. Everybody wants to hang out with you, but few of your friends want to go out with you. Your tastes are very expensive.

Parking Garage
Winter is your least favorite season during the year. You have a circle of friends that you stick to, but don’t trust too many people in your life at once. There’s a natural limit to how many people you strive to keep in your life.

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