Sam Kent: statistical superman

Samantha Longton
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Sam Kent was adopted from South Korea in 1996. He grew up in the village of Voorheesville, where he currently resides. Kent has been playing and participating in local athletic programs since he was in elementary school.

He’s participated everything from baseball, soccer, cross country, track and even basketball, which Kent reveals is his real passion.

“I just wanted to be a part of the team,” said Sam Kent, a bookkeeper for the Hudson Valley athletic department.

“My freshman year of high school I tried out for the basketball team,” said Kent. “Even though I didn’t make it, the coaches still had me take stats for the team.”

Kent did end up making the JV team the very next year as a sophomore.

“The coach would tell me which games I was playing in,” said Kent. “I didn’t care which games I wasn’t in because I still felt like I was a part of the team.”

Kent continued to participate in the Voorheesville athletics programs by taking stats for the varsity basketball team for the remaining two years of his high school career.

“The one thing people don’t know about me is that I have a learning disability,” said Kent. He said he had been diagnosed with his learning disability for as long as he can remember. But he refuses to let that get in the way of his success.

“I don’t think its a problem because I don’t notice it at all, but the kids in my classes probably notice it,” said Kent.

After graduating from Voorheesville High School, Kent continued his education at Hudson Valley.

“After I graduated high school, I emailed the basketball coach at Hudson Valley,” said Kent. “I explained to him a little of what I did in high school.”

Hudson Valley’s basketball coach, Michael Long, had Kent come to the summer pre-season meeting to further introduce himself.

Long said that there was a need for someone to keep track of the scorebook for the basketball team and when he heard about Kent, he wanted to meet with him to do stats for the season.

“He’s on time, diligent in his work and more than willing to go the extra step to help without anyone asking,” said Long. “He has been a pleasure to have as part of our program.”

“I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone,” said Kent. “The first practice was scary for me.”

According to Kent, by the time he got to the first Viking basketball game, he had already grown to become more comfortable with the team, easing the stress.

According to Kent’s mother, Liz Dears, his passion for sports has lead him to drive hours, just to see his teams play.

“He has matured in his independence and commitment to the athletic program,” said Dears. “He’s just committed to sports and helping the team.”

Working with the basketball team at Hudson Valley, Sam has believed to open up more with his teammates and other students.

“His ability to relate, communicate, and just have fun has gone off the charts,” said Long. “He is very well liked by the teams and the coaching staff and this has helped build his confidence as well.”

Seeing the work that Kent could do, other teams at Hudson Valley recruited him to help out. Kent jumped at every opportunity given to him. He worked with the football and women’s basketball teams.

Right now Kent works up in the press box announcing the baseball games. This is Sam’s last semester at Hudson Valley and he has become an essential part of Viking athletics without touching the field or court.

Kent plans on continuing his involvement in athletics at Onondaga Community College for the Fall 2016 semester. He will be majoring in Physical Education and Exercise Science with an intent to transfer to SUNY Cortland.

He remains thankful for his time and involvement with the Hudson Valley athletics department and is excited to move on to new things.

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