To the Hudson Valley community,

Rebecca Jordan
News Editor

To the Hudson Valley community,

I have a confession to make: I am not a news writer.

Well, I suppose that’s not entirely true. Rephrased: I wasn’t a news writer until the Hudsonian snatched me up out of my freshman uncertainty. I have written creatively ever since I can remember, but news writing is a totally different ballgame.

Now I not only know how to write news, which is kind of a key skill if you are the news editor of a newspaper, but I am writing news as the Hudsonian’s Editor-in-Chief elect.

I see this as both an amazing opportunity and a great responsibility. I have learned a lot as I moved up through the ranks within the newspaper staff; the most important being the necessity for unity. This year has been one of conflict on multiple levels, but it is important to remember that in all things, our greatest intention is to better the Hudson Valley community.

Being the leader of any organization is a daunting role, but being the head of a newspaper that is circulated all around the campus you attend is even more so. Thankfully, the staff of the Hudsonian is all in, and we’re gearing up for another semester of reporting, controversy and continuing the award-winning paper that Hudson Valley calls its own.

Looking forward,
Editor-in-Chief Elect,

Rebecca Jordan

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