Students swap sweating for sweaters

Julio Rodriguez
Staff Writer

The chilly morning weather is a tell-tale sign that fall is rapidly approaching, and students are more than ready for the change in seasons.

“I just want summer to be over with. I’m done sweating. I just want to be cozy in a sweater,” she said Emily Kuiber, individual studies student.

The prospects for sweaters and fall attire in general could not be better, according to Kuiber. The close of the 80-degree weather means that students are ready to change from sweating in t-shirts to getting comfy in sweaters.

Some students feel they are trained by name brand stores to crave fall weather as early as Aug. as a result of the presence of fall promotions and pumpkin memorabilia that line the streets for our enjoyment.

Within the first few weeks of the semester, there has been a huge presence of fall merchandise being distributed to stores and to students. Falling victim to “pumpkin fever” is virtually unavoidable for some students, so starting early in the game, they feel, is a smart idea.

Many students have already started to break out their collection of fall attire. Students like Kuiber discovered that she had more sweaters than she had imagined.

“I cleaned my closet out about a week before school started, and I found out that I have 25 sweatshirts. I broke them out, and I was wearing one this morning while coming to school,” she said.
Kuiber happened to feel over-prepared for the fall weather, however there are many students who still have to prepare for the impending temperatures.

“I’ve started cleaning out all of my buckets that I have my winter stuff in, and I don’t have a lot of sweaters, which is why I need to go out and get more. I love sweaters and they’re really comfy,” said Tea’ Claus, psychology student.

Claus recommends shopping at Kohl’s if you’re on a student budget. She believes Kohl’s is a good choice because you can find nice-looking clothes that are not too expensive.

“Finding places that have cheaper options are a lot better, but they still have to look nice, and Kohl’s is that kind of place,” she said.

Claus feels students should try their best to update and maintain their wardrobe this fall, but they should do it with their personalities in mind.

“You should not try to copy everybody,” she said. “You can look like others but try to put your own little twist on it so that way it fits you better.”

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