Where does your tuition go?

Jacob Salmon
Staff Writer

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Students pay a significant amount of money in fees to attend Hudson Valley, but most don’t even know what that money is used for.

Most people understand the tuition figure. Full-time resident students paid $2,150 this year, which saw a $100 increase from last semester. Full-time tuition for a nonresident student was $4,300.

Records and Activities Fee
The Records and Activities fee pays for sports, student activities and transcripts, as well as graduation. It also funds the discount Regal movie ticket sales on Tuesdays. The 30 active clubs on campus are also funded by this fee, as well as providing students the opportunity to go on low-cost trips throughout the semester.

“Our student activities office sponsors a number of different clubs. It also sponsors events throughout the semester for students, things like Welcome Week,” said Dennis Kennedy, director of communications and marketing.

The Records and Activities fee also provides students with cultural events such as musicians, artists, lectures and art exhibitions. Students paid $148 for this fee this semester, which experienced a $28 increase from last academic year.

Technology Fee
The Technology fee covers the cost of computer equipment that is available to students. It cannot be waived, as it supports the digital academic infrastructure. This fee also pays for the software, such as Blackboard and Banner, known to students as Wired.

In addition, the services available through the library and computer labs are also paid for by this fee. This figure did not change from last semester, but stayed steady at $300.

Health Fee
The Health fee covers the cost of providing health services to all students. This includes a part-time college physician that is available to students by appointment. Students also pay their health fees to receive a weekly online subscription to Student Health 101 in their Hudson Valley inboxes. This fee adds $30 onto the bill.

Laboratory Fee
The Laboratory fee pays for the upkeep of the laboratories, as well as new materials and supplies. This fee only applies to students taking lab classes, and it varies based on the course.

Vehicle Registration Fee
For students who want to park their cars on campus, the Vehicle registration fee covers the cost of registering student vehicles. Students who do not park on campus can waive the fee. This year, the fee is $86.40. Paying this fee allows students to get their parking decals.

SUNY Assessment Fee
The least expensive fee, the SUNY assessment fee, pays for administrative costs that come with running a 120-acre college campus. It’s a $1.50 fee that is mandatory for all students.

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