Women’s soccer shuts out opponents

Brandon Hladik
Sports Editor

dylanhaugen-wmnssoccerDylan Haugen|The Hudsonian

In their last four games, they’ve put up a total of 32 goals all the while holding their opponents to nothing.

Sophomore forward/midfielder Elisabeth Morehouse has accounted for 14 of the 32 goals on this streak and assisted on two other goals of her teammates. Morehouse is tied for second in division three scoring with all scores coming from the past four games.

Fellow sophomore forward/midfielder Danielle Sloan has offered her fair share of goals along with freshman forwards Savannah Bezon and Susannah Frisch, as well as freshman midfielder Sydney Buhrke.

Frisch recognizes exactly what it is that makes this team function.

“I think that our passing, communication and everyone’s unique skills are what helps us be the best we can be. We all get along with each other, which is why we play so well together. I can honestly say this is the first team I’ve been on that I like every single girl on and off of the field,” sad Frisch.

2013 and 2014 Conference Coach of the Year Jay Pokines looks poised to make another run at Regional Finals at this pace. In these past four games, he has pushed his team towards full productivity.

“He is another main reason why we play so well together, because he took the chance to get to know each and every one of us individually, which is what makes a coach, a good coach,” said Frisch. “[He’s] definitely one of the best I’ve played for.”

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