A bite to eat on the 224

Julio Rodriguez
Staff Writer

14513744_1083584225029394_819393473_oJulio Rodriguez|The Hudsonian

Locating a tasty food stop while on your 224 commute is no longer a challenge for students on the bus.

The restaurant prospects are all around, and students have a variety of options at their disposal. The Flying Chicken, located on 7th Ave. in Troy, provides a wide array of comfort food options, which may be appealing to students after a stressful day or week of classes.

The restaurant would make a great spot for a date, or as a stop to pick up dinner on the 224. The eatery is also a supporter of local artists, as the walls are covered in local art with the prices displayed underneath.

Hudson Valley students should consider putting their charming motto to the test. All it takes is a trip on the 224, and an appetite for some delicious food. A signature dish, the chicken and waffles, can change your view on what may seem like an odd pairing at first.

I once believed that the two foods should be kept separate at all costs. But the delicious combination of sweet and savory changed my perspective. The waffles were dusted with powdered sugar, which paired deliciously with the syrup.

The thought of applying syrup to fried chicken seemed strange, but it made the experience much more enjoyable. The fried chicken’s crunchy exterior was softened by the syrup, and the syrup complemented the chicken’s savor. The dish costs $9.75, which is a great price point considering the portion size.

Another signature dish, the mac balls, were unlike any that I had eaten previously. The owners are not kidding when they say they’re here to provide comfort food. The crunchy exterior laid the way to the creamy mac and cheese that was waiting inside the golden bliss.

Mac and cheese has always been a favorite food of mine, so adding breading is enough to send a carb-loving mac and cheese fan into a whirlwind of food sweats. Four of the mac and cheese balls are reasonably priced at $3.50.

The meal comes with a hefty amount of food, and finishing the plate was a taxing experience. Needless to say, walking out without being in a slight food coma is virtually unavoidable when ordering the chicken and waffles.

If you’re looking for homestyle cooking, you should consider giving the Flying Chicken a try on your next 224 ride.

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