Do you know what time it is?

Skylar Blankenship
Staff Writer

Time management plays an important role in the life of any college student.

Students feel as though they always have the time in mind when completing assignments and doing tasks throughout the day. Whether it is getting to class on time or knowing when to submit an assignment, time management is a crucial part of being a college student.

Despite the importance of time for students, Hudson Valley appears to be lacking in the amount of clocks on campus. “I think having clocks will be better for students making their schedule [and] getting to class on time,” said fine arts student Mingling Lin.

There are clocks in the administrative and student service offices, however there seem to be less clocks in the areas students want them the most. Places like general classrooms, the campus center and the library have a noticeable lack of clocks.

The shortage of clocks could have the ability to affect the functionality of students on campus. Many students have their phones to tell the time, but some have to look for other means, like the clock tower.

Students feel that the four-sided Dr. Frank J. Morgan Clock Tower next to the Administration building does not assist them because of its lack of functionality. The clock doesn’t always chime on the hour, and each side is set at a different time.

As opposed to high school, where there are typically clocks in each room, students feel they need to hunt to sometimes find the accurate time. Although many students have access to technology to find the time, not all students have that luxury and often look around to find the time.

“There are no clocks on campus, so I bought a watch,” said first-year forensic science student Faith Gilbert.

Students and professors alike, share common frustrations. “The clocks on this campus are important for the community to be running on time,” said professor of history Leslie Johnson.

Some professors also believe that clocks are a staple of a college environment and there should be more of them spread across campus.

“I know most people nowadays use a cell phone as their everything, but being able to see [the time] in front of you makes a lot of a difference. So you know where you have to go, at what time and how much you have,” said Jaya Dasgupta, professor of biology, chemistry and physics.

Despite the underwhelming amount of physical clocks hanging around campus, students can look to computers to check the time, and get their work done.

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