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Gigi Benami
Staff Writer

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Purchasing movie tickets on a college budget isn’t always easy, however it has been made affordable by Hudson Valley.

Prices for services and goods are at an all-time high nowadays, and movie tickets are not always affordable. At Regal Cinemas, a single ticket can cost upwards of $12.

All of the money college students spend on books, food and other necessities means that little is left for leisurely spending. However, Hudson Valley offers a discounted Regal movie ticket price to students.

“Most students pay the student activities fee, and this is one of the perks”, says Alyssa Rowe, a third year student at Hudson Valley. Rowe spent part of her Tuesday afternoon selling tickets to interested students who wanted to take advantage of the five dollar pricing.

“Each student can buy up to two tickets on Tuesdays,” said Rowe. Hudson Valley is able to provide options for students such as the reduced ticket prices.

A lot of newcomers to Hudson Valley still have no idea that cheap movie tickets are right at their fingertips.

Michael Hughes was quickly made aware of the reduced tickets. “I’ve already bought tickets,” he said. He also plans on buying more tickets on Tuesdays.

Others have heard about Hudson Valley’s deal, but just haven’t gotten a chance to act. “I miss it every Tuesday,” said second year student Amber Holt. Holt has plans to buy tickets as soon as possible.

Second year student Nathalie Traylor, has been planning on buying the reduced tickets. “I did not know that Hudson Valley sells movie tickets, but I [plan to buy tickets in the future] because I can get better deals and I need to get movie tickets more often.”

First year student, Drew Garbaini, discovered the ticket sales by accident when they were simply wandering around the campus center. “I like movies, especially cheap movies”, said Garbaini. They haven’t purchased any tickets yet, but they hope to soon.

Students who are interested can buy the tickets in the campus center at room 210. Tickets are sold on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., as well as 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for evening students.

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