The “Hacky Sackers” make their campus debut

Tea’ Claus
Staff Writer

Students normally found congregating outside of Marvin library are now calling themselves “the Hacky Pack.”

A group of students have been meeting in front of the library to play guitar and hacky sack. The students, who are hoping to become a club, allow for and invite any students interested to join their circle.

Human services major, Adelaide Montesano, is credited by these students for bringing the Hacky Pack together.

Psychology major Paul Lowrey said, “What happened was none of us really knew anybody. I gotta actually hand it to Addie in particular; she kinda brought us all together by being so open.”

“I was having a lot of trouble opening myself up socially and making friends during the first couple weeks of being here. [Montesano] was so out there that I felt comfortable being myself. I think that was the effect that she had on a lot of other people too,” said Lowrey.

Only a few of the group members had known of each other before meeting on campus, so they decided to group up as a way for students to have easier means of socializing.

“Some people knew each other from my school, but other than that we all just joined together on the first day. We all introduced ourselves over time and we learned names,” said individual studies student Liz Heinzinger.

To the Hacky Pack, it doesn’t matter if the members have been friends or are meeting for the first time. Their ability to get along and play hacky sack is what matters most to their group. Their ability to work with one another is a key part of their relationship as a club.

Robert “Bar” Porter, an entrepreneurship student, said, “This is more of a republic. Everybody has their say, everybody puts in what they want to do, and then the majority rules.”

The group is made up of a president and vice president, but they like to have all members seen as equal. “We have the president and the vice president. Other than [the presidents], we’re all equal,” said Porter.

The Hacky Pack, although not an official club at Hudson Valley, have hopes to become a club in the near future. Although making strides towards becoming a club, they have been mindful about the weather and how that impacts their ability to play outdoors.

Despite the weather issue, they are looking into a space to play, as well as finding club officers and an advisor.

Once they become a club, they plan to hold events like bake sales and fundraisers to benefit charity as opposed to their club.

“We don’t want to take the money for ourselves. We want to donate any of the money to charity. We don’t really need the money for a budget because we don’t need anything,” said Lowrey.

The members of the group are willing to accept anyone into their pack. Austin Koch, a fine arts major, said, “Even if someone wants to come join, you can just come right in. We’ll make a bigger circle, bring it in, and if we don’t know you now, we’ll know you later.”

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